Blink-182 Concert Style: The Former Emo Kid’s Guide

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Blink-182 is playing Ball Arena this Thursday, June 27. And you know what that means: it’s the perfect opportunity to tap into your inner emo kid. 

Dressing for a punk rock concert in the height of summer can be tricky. Luckily, I know my way around an emo wardrobe and I’ve assembled my list of my favorite tips for dressing like you’re about to climb out your parents’ window to meet the boy they hate.

My qualifications? In my early teens, I wore skin-tight zebra-striped Tripp jeans every Friday. I spent my Saturdays shopping the two for $20 t-shirt sale at Hot Topic. And I once wore a checkerboard sweatband around my wrist for so long — day and night — that the white checks started to turn a sickly gray color. So, yeah, one might say I know a thing or two about pulling a scene look.

With that being said, emo style has progressed significantly since I blasted “Stay Together For The Kids” from my iPod Nano while staring dramatically out the school bus window. As such, I’ve had to adjust to the times with a formula of my own.

Presenting: The Former Emo Kid’s Guide To Looking Cool At A Concert. 

Black Is Encouraged, But Not Mandatory  

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While it may be tempting to lean toward all-black, wearing black is by no means necessary to pull an alternative look. It’s really more about the IDGAF vibes than abiding by any sort of arbitrary dress code.

If you choose to wear black, throw a black graphic tee on top of bike shorts for a casual and comfy option or wear a black slip dress with chunky accessories for a feminized twist. 

If you choose to wear color instead, play with silhouette and unexpected pieces like boxer shorts and silly socks. Clash colors and patterns for a truly effortless and messy energy.

Skip The Skinny Jeans

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Yes, skinny jeans were foundational in elder emo’s upbringing. Nevertheless, it’s no secret that they’re on the outs. Plus, in the height of Denver summer and the close quarters of Ball Arena, looking corny isn’t the only downfall of skin-tight clothing: it may also be insufferably hot. 

Instead, reach for a breezier option. Baggy pants or low-hanging cargo shorts will not only add a layer of skater-boy cool-girl to your outfit but they’re also super easy to accessorize. (Think of those super baggy Y2K-era Tripp pants with the chains and the suspenders. While Ball Arena security might give you an extra pat-down, it’ll be totally worth it to pull off a piece so effortlessly grunge.)  

Plus, baggy pants can be paired with any silhouette on top: whether you choose an equally baggy tee or a teeny tiny crop top, the choice is yours. 

Accessorize To The Gods

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When it comes to pulling a scene look, accessories are key. And while studded belts, chokers, and spiked bracelets may seem obvious, the options are limitless.

Bandanas, neck ties and fishnet tights or gloves can add intrigue and texture to any look. And don’t skip the jewelry: layering pendant necklaces and piling on chunky rings will elevate your look to the next — grungiest – level. 

When In Doubt, Cosplay Kourtney

Photo courtesy of Style Spectrum on Pinterest

After she married Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s style got a little edgier. She’s pretty much the blueprint for the cool fashion girlie who married the punk drummer. 

In fact, Kourtney K. can serve as every adult emo kid’s muse. After all, the inspiration she gives us is endless: she’s paired cool graphic tees with just about anything – from bike shorts and overalls to thigh-high socks or red velvet bell-bottoms. 

Sneakers Are A Must

Photo courtesy of AndraElena on Pinterest

Sneakers not only play into the effortless cool kid look, but they’re by far the most comfortable option when you’re moshing your heart out to Dumpweed.

While Doc Martens are always a good grungy option, sneakers are incredibly versatile — and incredibly on trend right now. Play into the slim sneaker wave with a pair of Adidas Sambas or Gazelles or go classic with a pair of Vans or Converse. If you want to add a little more personality (and height), lean into the timeless chunky sneaker look instead.

Whether you’re layering accessories or staying cool by looking casual, Blink-182’s vibe is all about authenticity, playfulness and wearing what makes you feel good — without inhibition.

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