A Local’s Guide to Bars on Broadway

bars on Broadway

From Englewood to Downtown Denver, Broadway stretches across hundreds of bars, clubs, restaurants and local businesses that shape some of Denver’s best watering holes.

Here’s a local’s guide to some of the best bars on Broadway for your next night on the town. The weekend is coming soon, so let this list be your guide. Remember to drink responsibly and chase with a lot of water.

Englewood Tavern

Where: 4386 S. Broadway, Englewood 

The Lowdown: Further south from Denver’s nightlife is a quaint and homey bar by the name of Englewood Tavern with live music, great drinks and even better food. Since its opening, Englewood Tavern has garnered a cult following from its local community and beyond. 

Englewood Grand

Englewood Grand. Photo by Kyle Cooper

Where: 3435 S. Broadway, Englewood 

The Lowdown: The outside of Englewood Grand transports you back to a time when classical jazz clubs ruled the nightlife scene, while the inside sets the mood with dim lighting and a full bar with endless cocktail possibilities. Its reputation earned itself a rightful spot in Denver Westword’s listing of “The 100 Bars We Can’t Live Without in 2023”. 

Tabletop Tap

Photo Courtesy of Tabletop Table on Instagram

Where: 3394 S. Broadway, Englewood 

The Lowdown: What’s more fun than playing throwback arcade games and board games while sipping on beer? Tabletop Tap offers over 20 different beers on tap with a welcoming and casual atmosphere, perfect for date night or a simple get-together with friends. We recommend sitting at the bar to take advantage of the built-in arcade games and ordering a stout. 

Grandma’s House

Grandma's House the Brewery
Photo courtesy of Grandma’s House on Facebook

Where: 1710 S. Broadway, Denver 

The Lowdown: This small brewery is themed after your stereotypical grandma’s house — hence the name and weekly bingo nights. If you’ve always dreamt of sipping on local brews with your grandparents, then Grandma’s House might be your go-to spot along Denver’s antique row. 

 TrashHawk Tavern

Photo Courtesy of TrashHawk Tavern on Instagram

Where: 1539 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: If you pride yourself on being a little trashy in the best way possible, then TrashHawk Tavern is your safe haven. With a cult following dubbed the “lil trashies,” it’s the raccoon mascot and daily drink specials that really offer a welcoming and judgment-free atmosphere. This is what we’re all looking for while throwing back beers or attending the RuPaul Drag Race watch party.

Dive Inn

Where: 1380 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: This infamous watering hole is known for its cheap drinks, daily specials and life-size boat inside. The Dive Inn is a great spot to host events, play some pool or catch the big game. Bonus points if you can pull a black cherry seltzer out of the White Claw machine. 

Joy Hill

Photo Courtesy of Joy Hill on Facebook

Where: 1229 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: This hidden gem doubles as a neighborhood bar and lounge with a rooftop patio and tasty wood-fired pizza. Joy Hill is locally owned and operated with an emphasis on Colorado-made spirits and beers. The menu includes natural, organic wine selections with naturally leavened pizzas featuring local ingredients and housemade mozzarella cheese. Try the Chai Old-Fashioned and the Chilis N Pep with tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, caciocavallo, grana padano, pepperoni, pickled jalapeno, honey and oregano.  

Denver Distillery

Photo Courtesy of Denver Distillery on Facebook

Where: 244 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: Denver Distillery is a unique distillery-pub in the Baker neighborhood with hand-crafted cocktails, including classic smoked manhattans, gin and tonics and ghost sours. Try ordering the martini made with your choice of sweet potato vodka or gin, vermouth and choice of an olive or lemon twist. Simple, but delicious.


Photo Courtesy of Indie Creative Co.

Where: 218 S. Broadway, Denver

The Lowdown: This Polynesian/Caribbean inspired restaurant and bar offers unique fare, tiki cocktails and exotic decorations. It’s like going on vacation every time you step foot in the door. Try the jerk chicken plate, spam musubi or Pele duck wings to get a real taste of the soul at Adrift.

Li’l Devils

Photo courtesy of Kyle Cooper

Where: 255 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: Li’l Devils is a low-key lounge that sits on the edge of South Broadway with an unassuming facade on the outside, but a kick-ass happy hour, live entertainment and themed events on the inside. If you have your bar-hopping sights set on the Baker neighborhood, make Li’l Devils your first stop of the night. 

Dos Luces Brewery

Photo Courtesy of Dos Luces Brewery on Facebook

Where: 1236 S. Broadway, Denver 

The Lowdown: “Bringing new light to a different way of brewing” is the aptly tagged Dos Luces Brewery. With a list of naturally gluten-free beers on the menu, these brewmasters use blue corn as the main ingredient. The flavor profiles differ from the traditional beer you’d find at your local watering hole. From warming cinnamon and light agua fresca Peruvian root beer-inspired beer, Dos Luces sheds a unique light on brewing. 

Skylark Lounge

Skylark Lounge. Photo by Alden Bonecutter

Where: 140 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: Though Skylark Lounge is more of a music venue, this hi-dive offers amazing drink deals and serves as a unique experience to break up your typical night out. Check out their calendar for different events to attend, from Western Wednesday to stand-up comedy

Sobo 151 Czech

Photo by Kate Martin

Where: 151 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: Sobo 151 is a Czech-owned neighborhood bar perfect for catching an Avalanche game, shooting pool or participating in karaoke. If you’re into modern European eats, then the appetizers will pull you in. From Topinky, a pan-fried Czech rye and fresh garlic cloves to Oblozeny Talir, a cold plate composed of Hungarian salami, Swiss and provolone cheese, Czech rye, tomatoes, cucumber and pickle, these eats transport you to a bar in Eastern Europe.

Barry’s on Broadway

Photo Courtesy of Barry’s on Broadway on Facebook

Where: 58 N. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: Another dive bar staple is Barry’s on Broadway. You may have stumbled into this bar and not even know what it was. The drink specials are unmatched, and if you score 350,000 points in Skeeball, you may get a free drink. 

Badgers Pub

Where: 76 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: One of my personal favorite dive bars on Broadway is Badgers Pub. Unfortunately, as the name suggests, it’s a Wisconsin bar, but that doesn’t stop me from going. All jokes aside, the quaint bar has a no-frills attitude with a simple beer selection, cheap shots and a pool table in the back. Make sure you stop by when the daily special is $5 pickle or pepperoncini shots! 

Blue Ice

Where: 22 N. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: If you’re a Cumbia, Bachata or Reggaeton lover, Blue Ice is the lounge for you. It’s open daily with happy hour from 4-9 p.m. and $10 bottomless mimosas on Saturday and Sunday. It’s hard to find affordable bottomless mimosas these days, and compared to a Friday night, the brunch vibes are tranquil. 

The L

The L Cocktail Bar

Where: 46 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: The L brings upscale cocktails to break up the monotony of dive bars along Broadway. The menu is constantly reinventing its flavor profiles, from trendy espresso martinis and brown butter bourbons to spicy margs. If you haven’t had the chance to check this place out, add it to the running list in your notes app.  

Irish Rover

Photo courtesy of The Irish Rover on Facebook

Where: 54 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: One of the most popular pubs on Broadway is the Irish Rover, with dark wood, exposed brick and old English branding, transporting you to a Victorian-era pub. With a massive bar menu, you can’t go wrong with ordering fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and your favorite beer on tap.

Casey Jones

Photo courtesy of Casey Jones on Instagram

Where: 24 N. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: Have you ever wanted to try the cheesy pizza from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well, you’re in luck. Casey Jones is a bar/pizza shop on Broadway that offers New York-style pizza with the signature gooey cheese pull and a full bar to back it up. 

The Hornet

Photo Courtesy of The Hornet on Facebook

Where: 76 S. Broadway, Denver  

The Lowdown: Just steps from the Mayan theater, the Hornet is another Baker neighborhood staple that offers a delicious brunch menu on the weekends along with a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. 

Dougherty’s Neighborhood Pub

Photo Courtesy of Dougherty’s Neighborhood Pub

Where: 5 E. Ellsworth, Denver 

The Lowdown: Who doesn’t love drinking in an Irish pub? Dougherty’s has a fantastic atmosphere and happy hour to match. Fridays from 4-7 p.m., wings are $.50 with 2-for-1 drafts, $3 wells and more. It’s safe to say you might need an Uber or Lyft after spending a Friday night at this popular pub. 


Where: 3 S. Broadway, Denver

The Lowdown: Sputnik is another dive bar with a unique crowd and affordable drinks. This spot is noteworthy because it serves some delicious vegetarian or vegan bar food, from jackfruit tacos and vegan corn dogs to falafel wraps and impossible burgers. 

 TRVE Brewing

A time-lapse photo of the taproom at TRVE Brewing Company.

Where: 227 Broadway, Denver

The Lowdown: Denver’s true metal brewery isn’t for the faint-hearted. With a dark atmosphere, heavy metal blaring from the speakers, lit candles and an altar decorated with local brews, it’s something out of a cult lover’s dream. On a lighter note, the beer is phenomenal and hot chicken sandwiches from Music City Hot Chicken grace the menu. 

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Historians Ale House

Photo Courtesy of Historians Ale House on Facebook

Where: 24 S. Broadway, Denver 

The Lowdown: Historians is another staple along Broadway with great beers on tap, an incredible rooftop patio open during warm months and an equally thrilling brunch menu. The bottomless mimosas and breakfast shots are a must before spending a day walking the vintage and antique shops that decorate the strip.

The Fainting Goat Pub

Photo Courtesy of The Fainting Goat Pub on Facebook

Where: 846 S. Broadway, Denver 

The Lowdown: The Fainting Goat is a cozy Irish pub with a rooftop patio and amazing weekly specials. From $4.25 pickle shots and $5.50 Espolon shots to $14 all-you-can-eat wings, there’s not a weekday that doesn’t offer great deals. 

While this list doesn’t cover all bars on Broadway, there are still plenty of weekends ahead to check out the rest.

Did we miss your favorite? Less us know in the comments.

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