Factory Fashion Produces A Dali Inspired Fashion Show

Factory Fashion’s Dali inspired fashion show blurred the lines between art and fashion. Each collection paid tribute to the late artist helping to bring the immersive exhibit to the runway. The show included a dance performance, a chance to explore the Dali exhibit and an opportunity to see some of Colorado’s best local designers. 

 The show began with a dance performance by jk-co Dance where four dancers took to the runway barefoot, adding a flare to their performance. 

Heidi Bowden

Following the opening number, designer Heidi Bowden offered a performance of her own through clothes. Two models took to the runway —  one dressed up as an egg where moments later, the egg cracked open and the model revealed a yellow top with a translucent skirt. Though the collection was short, it was certainly one of the most unique. 


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Following the grand opening, producer and designer Skye Barker Maa debuted her SKYE|AIRE collection. Rather than focusing on bold patterns, like her Denver Fashion Week Aquatic collection, this one focused on unique shapes. Maa really favored triangles, circles and rectangles stacked on top of each other and overlapping one another symbolizing the structure of Dali’s paintings. Maa’s collection was the epitome of avant garde in the sense that each look grew more extravagant and was the perfect conclusion to Dali inspired fashion show. 

Kay Palma

Following Maa, Kay Palma combined glitz and glam with a hint of street style. Models wore diamond encrusted tights with white Doc Martens and an elegant dress. The real show stopper was her finale sequence that required two models to bring the piece to life. One wore a blue mini dress, tights and Doc Martens but with another ballroom like skirt decorated with black sheer fabric, pink butterflies and a headpiece with the same black and butterfly fabric. The model behind her was holding head piece up and was wearing a red tank top and a skirt made out of the same butterfly fabric. It was the cohesiveness from both models that really made this one unforgettable. 


Stratton Robe Co.

Stratton Robe Co. brought elegant coat-like robes to the runway. The five piece collection showcased headpieces, jewelry and luxurious colors to create a commanding presence. The golds, reds and blacks balanced out the fur that lined the outside of each robe. The women wore sexy black pieces underneath helping to emphasize the luxuriousness of the robes. The men wore a gold steel chest plate while the other only wore black underwear, again, helping to emphasize the allure of the robes. Though the collection was small, its presence was very known.   


MadVan Design

Quirky fashion is always a must and MadVan Design brought that and then some to create one of the most unique Dali collections. From extravagant hair looks to using nails as accessories, each look had its own eccentric moment. One model wore a white sparkly dress with tulle on the bottom, however, the boob scarf tied the look together in the most Dali way. Other looks had fabric dangling from the nails while the outfit combined various colored tulle, sparkles and of course, meticulous details. 


Brandi Shigley 

Unlike a conventional collection, Brandi Shigley was the collection. Dancing and skipping around the runway in a white two piece ensemble with the words “dream” written down the back in neon coloring, it certainly brought liveliness to the runway. Shigley also spun around holding a sheer piece of fabric with neon coloring splattered around. 

Fashion Curator

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Known for taking vintage pieces and making them into elaborate ensembles, the Fashion Curator looks might as well have a mini couture collection. The intricate details of the jewelry, makeup and headpieces really helped make the collection stand out. One of the boldest looks combined the bones of an underskirt worn on top of a white pair of pants, paired with a vintage red shirt and a red hat with red sheer fabric flowing out of it. Another, had a staple gold necklace, enormous gold earrings that went around the ear and gold flakes decorating the side of the model’s face. Needless to say, the four piece collection was one for the books. 

Rachel Marie Hurst

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Different from past collections, Rachel Marie Hurst brought sophistication and opulence through each look. The fabrics and structure of each garment created a dominant aura on the runway that demanded to be seen. The red, black, pink and gold fabrics tied each look together in a way that was impossible to turn away from. One of her most prominent pieces was a two piece set made out of an old fashioned floral pattern, where the sleeves looked like roses and tassels dangled down. The gold headpiece balanced out the look as well as the pink vibrant eye make up. With that being said, this collection was the perfect conclusion to the first half of the show.

Tyne Hall

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Most notably known for bringing dark colors to the runway, Tyne Hall’s collection played around with sheer and tightly constructed pieces. Though each model had a different look, their matching ponytails made the collection even more cohesive. One look was a long body-con dress with a close up picture of a face sporadically decorating the bodice, topped with a corset that helped add dimension to the look and break up the skirt and top. Another was a long sheer black skirt with another black skirt layered underneath paired with a pink top. Hall’s glamor meets gothic collection was a notable Dali collection. 


Kate Major debuted her second collection that was just as quirky as the first. Though each model had a simple red beanie and a white cropped top, the skirt was the main event of Major’s collection. Layered to perfection, each skirt brought character and dimension to the collection. Her finale look, layered tentacles over a silk skirt — a very nice added Meow Wolf touch.

Matilda Marginal

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Matilda Marginal’s collection took the term avant garde to a whole new level. Combining food, art and fashion made for a playful jest to Dali. Not only was each outfit carefully crafted but the different breads used as accessories helped add a new dimension to each look. One notable outfit was Marginal’s second look of the night. A male model wore a dress made out of suit pants and a piece of bread as a hat and glasses. Similarly, another model wore bread as earmuffs and a dress. Though each look had brought something different to the runway, the entire collection was a humorous yet bold statement. 

Romper Girl

Romper Girl brought Parisian looks to the runway. Each look was filled with spunky patterns, layered belts and topped with a classic beret. Though each look had a similar corset theme, the accessories and polka helped differentiate each look. One look combined a classic black skirt with a black and white polka dot top and pastel sunglasses making for a sassy yet classy look. 

Adobe Darko

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Notorious for turning popular logos into wearable art, Adobe Darko brought just that and thensome to the runway. His most notable look of the night was a Dali inspired shirt that dripped into a clock. It was the perfect way to honor the late artist while also staying true to the brand. As for the pieces, it brought a colorful celebration to the runway and showed everyone why logos are still fun. 

Mesh Global

Though it was a two piece collection, Mesh Global brought street style to the immersive art exhibit. Each look made oversized clothing look chic in a model off duty sorta way. One model wore an oversized skirt with a sweatshirt-like long sleeve and a lips bag. The glasses tied the look together and made it a fashion statement. 

Menez to Society

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Combining sophistication and edginess to a collection means for dark, yet unique looks. Not only did the makeup and hair reflect the sexy collection, but the nails tied everything together — long strings hung from the model’s fingertips. A noteworthy part of the collection took the meaning of twins to a whole new level. A pair of twins were dressed in black dresses with a red sheer fabric in the middle. With their nails painted black and red fabric dripping from the ends, it made for a stellar addition to the collection. Menez to Society has always brought a unique structure and color palette to the runway and this collection was no different in the best way possible. 

Though each designer brought their own Dali interpretations to the runway, one thing is for certain, the Factory Fashion produced show was one for the books.  

All photography  by Roxanna Carrasco

Choreography: Night One Production

Hair Coordinator: Charlie Price

Nails: Kristin Rossi – Nails by KR

Hair: Stacey James Institute, Shoshanna Murphy The Glam House, Heather Christine H & CO. A Luxe Salon, Tracie Bethea, Dakota Malacara, Dissatisfying, Bonnie Weigle Blondies Beauty Bar, Glamour by Sky

Makeup: Stacey James Institute, Deven Collins, SJ Dymond, Kyle Hamilton, Duality Studio Works, Brianna De Leon, Dissatisfying, Tiaja Pierre, Donny Teran, Nelly Hernandez

Editors Note: Updated to add the correct credits on 2/14/23

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