Buy Facebook Likes: 5 Best Sites To Buy Facebook Likes for Photo, Page & Post (2024)

You recently uploaded your picture on Facebook, expecting a swarm of people to bombard your post with likes and comments, but you receive only a handful. Even after having a substantial following, your page may look lackluster without likes and engagement.

However, there is a strategy used by successful marketers to increase likes substantially within minutes. You can buy Facebook likes!

Real and active Facebook accounts like your content and make way to gain more likes and other forms of engagement organically.

We have tested 40+ brands to find the best sites to buy Facebook likes in 2024. 

According to our research, Social Zinger is the best website to safely buy 100% authentic Facebook likes for your account.

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes

#1. Social Zinger

Social Zinger is our editor’s choice to buy Facebook likes at affordable prices. It helps brands and influences aiming to enhance credibility and visibility on Facebook by providing real Facebook likes. 

You can buy Facebook likes starting from 100 to 10k likes for your posts, photos, and other forms of content starting at $1.99. Social Zinger ensures that your data stays private so you can get your likes for Facebook without disclosing any important information.

With Social Zinger, your account stays safe and has no risk of getting banned as it adheres to Meta’s guidelines. 


Service Quality: 5/5 “Exceptional service, top-notch quality—couldn’t be more satisfied.” – Jennifer

Delivery Time: 5/5 “Swift delivery, exceeded expectations.” – John

Satisfaction Guarantee: 4.9/5 “Almost perfect, reliable, and secure service.” – Edward

Payment Methods: 4.8/5 “Easy transactions, secure process.” – May


  • Affordable pricing starts at $1.99 for 100 likes
  • 14-day money-back
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Guarantees no drop in likes


  • Does not accept crypto payments

#2. Media Mister

Media Mister is second on our list of the best sites to buy Facebook likes as they deliver authentic Facebook likes but can be comparatively expensive. They offer real and targeted Facebook likes to help you build your online brand or business vision by reaching a niche audience. 

They have 7 likes packages, including post likes, page likes, photo likes, comment likes, album likes, website likes, and reel likes. Media Mister ensures gradual and genuine delivery, enhancing social proof and credibility. 

They offer flexible packages that range from 100 to 5000 Facebook likes for every post. You can buy 100 likes for just $2 or 1000 likes for $12. 


Service Quality: 4.9/5 “Top-notch service quality, consistently delivering impressive results.” – Jacob

Delivery Time: 4.9/5 “Lightning-fast delivery, couldn’t be happier with the quick service!” – Jerry

Satisfaction Guarantee: 4.8/5 “Nearly perfect satisfaction guarantee. They truly value customer happiness.” – Karen

Payment Methods: 4.7/5 “Great variety of payment methods, making transactions convenient and secure.” – Joyce


  • Over 17+ regions to choose from
  • Pricing starts from $2
  • 60-days retention guarantee
  • No log-in credentials needed


  • Delivery may take time

#3. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is ranked third on our list because of its high-quality Facebook likes, but it offers no free trials. This trusted website helps you gain visibility, enhance credibility, and save you time and effort in traditional marketing. You can also gain followers by acquiring other people’s trust through increased Facebook likes.

Their pricing starts at $2 for 100 post likes, and depending on the region you select, you can buy 5000 Facebook likes for $158. They also offer likes for pages, photos, comments, albums, reels, or websites. You just need to enter the URL for your desired Facebook post and order the amount of likes you want.


Service Quality: 4.8/5 “Excellent service, top-notch quality.” – Mike

Delivery Time: 4.8/5 “Rapid delivery, met my expectations with quick and efficient service!” – Hardey

Satisfaction Guarantee: 4.7/5 “Very satisfied. Will avail more services in the future.” – Robert

Payment Methods: 4.6/5 “Easy transactions, reliable options.” – Linda


  • Women and men targeted likes available
  • 15+ region selection
  • 7 types of likes (pages, photos, comments, albums, reels, or websites)
  • SSL-encrypted


  • No free trials

#4. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is at the #4 spot for boosting Facebook likes but does not offer automated delivery of its services. They have a 5-step process that helps you buy Facebook likes to the payment process swiftly. They deliver your likes gradually; hence, the delivery time can vary depending on your package. 

Targeted likes from specific regions enhance credibility as you get relevant followers and likes in your niche or country. Their packages start from 100 post likes for $2 and go up to 5000 for $158, making them an affordable option in the social media marketing service space.


Service Quality: 4.6/5 “Good, met expectations, reliable results, impressive performance.” – Sara

Delivery Time: 4.6/5 “Prompt delivery, timely service, quick response, efficient turnaround.” – Patricia

Satisfaction Guarantee: 4.5/5 “Delighted with results, fulfilled promises, overall contentment, reliable service.” – Barbara

Payment Methods: 4.4/5 “Multiple payment options, convenient transactions, secure payment gateways, versatile choices.” – Susan


  • Affordable packages starting from $2
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Gradual delivery
  • 24/7 customer service


  • No automated delivery

#5. StormViews

StormViews is our #5 brand to buy Facebook likes with secure payments, but they don’t offer gradual delivery. You can strengthen your social proof, enhance engagement, build brand credibility, and get a competitive edge.

You can choose between high-quality and premium Facebook likes that differ in price by only $0.95. You can choose the premium followers as they guarantee minimal to no drop-off. They instantly deliver your Facebook likes within 1-2 days, making an immediate difference to your profile. 


Service Quality: 4.4/5 “Impressive service, exceeded expectations with top-notch quality.” – David

Delivery Time: 4.4/5 “Instant delivery, met deadlines consistently for a satisfying experience.” – Sarah

Satisfaction Guarantee: 4.3/5 “Reliably ensured satisfaction, making the service trustworthy and dependable.” – Henry

Payment Methods: 4.2/5 “Various payment options, though slight improvement could enhance user experience.” – Sophia


  • Packages start from $1.89 for 100 likes
  • Customize options available
  • Seasonal discounts
  • No password required


  • No money-back guarantee

#6. Social Viral

Storm Viral is the last brand on our list to buy cheap Facebook likes but lacks various options for likes. They only offer posts and page likes for Facebook, starting from 100 likes to 10k likes per post.

They have 2 varieties of likes, high-quality post likes and active post likes. When you choose high-quality Facebook likes, you only get auto-fills till your warranty period. But, with active post likes, you can see minimal to no drop in likes, which is guaranteed. 


Their prices start at $1.79 for 100 high-quality post likes, and $2.69 for 100 active post likes.


Service Quality: 4.2/5 “Impressed with genuine engagement, exceeded expectations.” – Madisson

Delivery Time: 4.2/5 “Swift service, timely likes delivery, impressive efficiency.” – Grace

Satisfaction Guarantee: 4.1/5 “Assured satisfaction, trustworthy service, met expectations well.” – Quinn

Payment Methods: 4/5 “Adequate options, smooth transactions, reasonable payment flexibility.” – Tyler


  • Cheapest packages of $1.79 for 100 likes
  • Active post likes
  • 70% off on 10k likes package
  • Instant delivery of likes


  • Lacks a variety of like packages

Things You Need To Know When Buying Facebook Likes

If you are in the market to buy Facebook likes, you must choose genuine and authentic websites that deliver real Facebook likes and help you buy Facebook likes instantly for your immediate account growth.

When we were researching other best sites to buy Facebook likes, we considered the following, which can help you to identify if the brand is trustworthy or not:


When opting to buy Facebook likes, prioritize authenticity. Choose services that deliver genuine Facebook likes from real users, as authentic engagement is well-recognized by Facebook’s algorithm and contributes to long-term benefits and credibility.


Ensure that the service to buy Facebook likes complies with Facebook’s terms of service. Violating these terms can lead to penalties, impacting your page’s reach and overall standing on the platform.

Quality and Relevance

Focus on quality over quantity. Seek Facebook likes that align with your target audience, as relevance enhances the potential for meaningful interactions and sustained engagement.


Select services that operate transparently. Clear communication about the methods used, the source of likes, and the potential impact on your page’s performance is essential for an informed decision.

Customer Support

Prioritize providers with responsive customer support. Relational customer support ensures a smoother resolution process and a more satisfactory experience in queries, issues, or concerns.

Reviews and Reputation

Research and review the reputation of the service. Look for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the reliability and effectiveness of the purchased likes. A positive reputation is indicative of a trustworthy provider.

What are the Benefits of Buying Facebook Likes?

Multiple brands and individuals are choosing to purchase Facebook likes to enhance their account’s visibility and worth in the eyes of potential followers. This higher engagement rate makes this form of marketing a sustainable and cost-effective method to make your presence known on the platform.

Here are some of the best advantages of buying Facebook likes:

Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful psychological factor influencing the behavior of potential followers and customers. An account with many Facebook likes conveys trustworthiness, creating a positive impression on potential customers. This trust can be crucial in converting leads into loyal followers or customers.

Personal Satisfaction

Likes not only validate the individual behind the content but also signify approval for the content itself. This validation can be personally rewarding and motivate content creators to continue producing quality material. For individuals seeking recognition or validation, a surge in Facebook likes provides a tangible form of acknowledgment.

Increased Visibility

Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content based on user engagement. A higher likes count on your page enhances the visibility of your content in users’ News Feeds. This increased visibility creates a ripple effect, exposing your brand to a broader audience. The algorithm favors content that receives positive interactions, leading to more likes, comments, and shares.

Audience Insights

A larger likes base provides valuable insights into your audience demographics, preferences, and behavior. This data can be harnessed for targeted marketing efforts, ensuring your content resonates with your audience’s interests.

Building a Community

A page with a substantial likes count is better positioned to build an engaged community. Likes serve as a foundation for meaningful interactions, discussions, and the formation of a loyal fan base around your brand. Engaged followers are more likely to become brand advocates.

Brand Credibility

A well-liked Facebook page cultivates a positive perception of your brand. This positive association can influence consumer decisions, attract partnerships, and contribute to the overall success of your business or personal brand.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Organic growth takes time on platforms like Facebook. Not every day you will go viral or get a consistent amount of likes to climb the social ladder. The reason why people resort to alternate marketing strategies is to boost their Facebook account initially.

As Facebook’s algorithm is based on personalized preference, your feed can change with every refresh and display content more likely to resemble your daily interests. To master such a system, a person must buy Facebook photo likes or page likes.

But if you don’t have a budget to go off of, you can try these 3 simple ways to start getting some initial traction for your small business or brand:

Post Relevant, High-Quality Content

Content reigns supreme in social media sites like Facebook. Craft posts that resonate with your target audience’s interests and preferences. Prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring each post adds value, entertains, or informs.

Use Calls-to-Action

In marketing, a Call to Action (CTA) is a persuasive prompt, typically a word or phrase that urges people to shop, buy, or decide. Direct your audience on the desired action by incorporating clear and compelling CTAs in your posts. Encourage likes by explicitly inviting users to engage with your content through likes, shares, or comments.

Engage with Other Brands and Businesses

Forge meaningful connections within the community by actively engaging with other brands and influencers. Interact with their content, share insights, and participate in relevant discussions. This enhances your visibility and encourages other audience bases to notice and engage.

Yes, buying Facebook likes is within the platform’s rules. But only real Facebook likes, and followers can be recognized by the social media site. Hence, buying Facebook likes from a genuine website is very important.

Q2. Can you get banned for buying likes?

Your Facebook account may get banned if you buy bot likes or followers. Fake likes can get you in trouble with Facebook’s policies and can get your account permanently terminated. To stay safe, you can choose any of the brands we have mentioned above.

Q3. How can you tell if someone bought likes?

You cannot know for sure if someone has purchased Facebook likes. Many services, such as Social Zinger, provide authentic and genuine Facebook likes seamlessly blending with your account’s posts and content. These services help maintain a credible level of engagement without giving the impression of purchased likes.

Q4. How can I increase my Facebook likes organically?

Getting Facebook likes organically has various challenges due to algorithm changes that favor paid promotions. You can follow some tips, including personalizing content, minimizing automation, and avoiding spam. However, the “pay-to-play” model makes organic growth tough. Hence, the best way is to buy Facebook likes for quicker results.

Q5. How much does it take to have real Facebook likes delivered?

Most sites take 2-3 days to fully process your order to get more Facebook likes for your account. But Social Zinger is an efficient website that starts working on your request immediately after receiving confirmation, promising an estimated delivery of up to 24 hours.


Traditional marketing techniques are expensive, and organic growth takes time. The best alternative is to buy Facebook likes, the best solution to provide an edge to your platform presence.

Brands like Social Zinger provide exceptional high-quality real likes for Facebook, opening up possibilities for gaining organic growth. They also promise genuine likes instantly, making this service one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes in 2024.

The other brands on our list are also good and affordable, making them equally great options for purchasing likes easily. 

Remember, you cannot just grow by buying Facebook likes. Continuing to deliver engaging content and using trendy hashtags is what makes this strategy fruitful in the end.

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