Rabbitjax Clothing shares post Denver Fashion Week experience

On Night Six of Denver Fashion Week, the runway represented the well-curated looks of six profound designers—Irari Ford, Hoohah, Hot Pink Matter, Ironpulse, Shinesty, and Rabbitjax—. Through the trending combination of comfort and elegance, these designers brought innovation to Night Six: Ready-to-Wear. 


Being comfortable and feeling high-end is a constant demand from the fashion community.  Ray Howard, designer of Rabbitjax Clothing, ensured that each design that came down the DFW night six runway would be available on their website. Howard and his team launched rabbitjaxclothing.com on the day of their DFW debut to ensure the looks could transpire off the runway and into the hands of the consumers. 

DFW audience members got to experience the jest that Rabbitjax Clothing promotes. Each look ignited the flame that is school uniform fashion. In fact, Howard explained each design of the night to resemble “elevated school wear”. “Rabbitjax Clothing is designing bold fashions for visionaries and we believe that we are building a better world by making self-expression mandatory,” Howard stated. The collection was uploaded to their website following the show.


“Launching RabbitjaxClothing.com was a goal of mine from the first time the name was ever written down on paper,” Howard said. The launching of the website ensured that pieces could be purchased directly from the seats of audience members. Between creating DFW pieces by hand to form a cohesive collection and also working with a team to ensure the website would be launching the night of their runway (Nov.17), it is apparent that an endless amount of work was put in to achieve their DFW goals. 

Besides the ability to have an online platform for consumers to buy Rabbitjax Clothing items, the launching of the website transgressed into a larger stepping point for the brand itself. “it’s been amazing being able to direct questions to my website, we live in a world driven by social media so having my own website is helpful to set me apart there as well,” Howard stated. 


Designing 19 hand-curated looks for Denver Fashion Week and simultaneously launching a website was no easy task. Howard was sure to pay it back to those who helped the brand become what it has been post-DFW. Team members at Raser Sharp Productions helped get the website up and running by the highly prioritized DFW due date. On top of this, the experience of presenting the brand’s debut collection on the runway of DFW likewise ignited the possibility for Howard to make his brand visions a reality. 


Howard recalled the emotions attached from the very beginning of the DFW process, “I remember receiving the confirmation email with the guidelines for our shows and I thought ‘that’s a lot of freedom!’  which was a great thing for Rabbitjax,” Howard said. 

Through the simultaneous elements of freedom and access, Rabbitjax presented Denver with a show that directly resonated with the brand’s language. Howard explained his experience with the night, “DFW gave me access to the perfect models for my collection’s debut on the runway and I think the audience the night of the show really resonated with the energy we’d created together. I think everyone felt the love that makes Rabbitjax so special, and I have to thank DFW and my amazing models for that.”  


The basis of Denver Fashion Week is to promote the designs from emerging brands and welcome them to the Denver community. Howard reflected on the mark the night had on Rabbitjax,  “the most impactful thing it’s done has been allowing me to introduce my brand to Denver with such an incredible opportunity. After the Collection’s debut, I have been receiving so much love from the Denver Fashion community.” 


Through the release of Rabbitjaxclothing.com and the debut collection presented on night six of DFW, Howard and his brand are thrilled to see what’s to come. In the future, Rabbitjax will welcome a new collection and hope to participate in more runway shows. 

Photos Courtesy of Raser Sharp Productions