Casa Bianca Bridal Provides a Personalized Experience For Brides-to-Be

Casa Bianca Bridal — which translates from Italian to “home of white dresses” — certainly lives up to its name. Equipped with a kitchen, inviting couches and free champagne, the bridal boutique feels like a home away from home for a bride-to-be.

Owned and operated by Sheri Kaiser, Casa Bianca Bridal only offers brides private appointments. After remembering her own experience shopping at a small boutique for her dress, Kaiser wanted to provide a space for brides to freely speak their minds and not compare themselves to others.

“As women, we can be really tough on ourselves. It’s a moment in time you can never get back, so I really want it to be intimate and private,” Kaiser said.

Despite not having any background in retail, opening a bridal shop was always in the back of Kaiser’s mind. After years of imagining her own shop as she passed by empty retail spaces, Kaiser opened Casa Bianca Bridal in 2017. 

“I don’t really know what made me do it. I just felt pulled and I finally took the chance and went for it,” said Kaiser.

Casa Bianca hosts a variety of gown designers, including Moonlight Bridal, Val Stefani, Rosa Clara LunaPronovias and Nicole Colete. Moonlight Bridal, a designer Kaiser has partnered with since Casa Bianca’s opening, offers styles ranging from simple and classic to contemporary and colorful.

When choosing designers to sell in the boutique, stellar customer service is a must-have for Kaiser. Conducting her own research, Kaiser calls other boutiques around the country to get feedback on the designer’s service. With the bride in mind as always, designers have been dropped from the shop if they don’t provide adequate customer service, Kaiser said.

Since its opening nearly five years ago, Casa Bianca Bridal has seen consistent growth each year. Kaiser, a former NICU nurse, explained that profit was never her motivation.

“It wasn’t about making money or seeing thousands of brides. The bridal gown is the one thing that is just about empowering a woman to feel beautiful. It’s the thing she dreams about when she’s little,” said Kaiser.

Kaiser’s love for helping women, which began during her days as a nurse, translates directly into her work with brides. Being part of such a pinnacle moment in another woman’s life is something that Kaiser does not take lightly. Recognizing how expensive the purchase of a wedding dress is, her top priority is to create a supportive and relaxed atmosphere for the bride.

“My hope is that [the bride] walks out with a really great memory of that experience. Whether they buy from us or not, I want them to walk out thinking it was the best place they went to because they were loved on, they were cared for and they weren’t pressured,” Kaiser said.

Providing a space for women to lift each other up has been Kaiser’s focus from the beginning. To this day, her most defining moments in running the boutique have little to do with her success as a business owner, explaining that one of her most memorable experiences happened with one of her very first brides.

The bride, whose mother had passed away, brought 17 women with her to her appointment at Casa Bianca, all of whom were close friends with her late mother.

I’ll never forget it. When she found her dress, all of her mom’s friends told her they were buying her dress for her. That type of story is why I do it. There’s nothing better than watching women support each other,” Kaiser said.

Operating on private appointments has its drawbacks; however, the boutique had to turn away nearly one hundred brides this past year. To ensure they are able to see more brides throughout the year, the boutique will be moving to a larger space that offers more room for private appointments.

Kaiser was intentional in picking both the current and new location of Casa Bianca. Deliberate in wanting a historic feel to the building, she settled on Downtown Littleton for its original location. Only minutes away, the boutique’s new location is also in Downtown Littleton but provides two separate sides to privately accommodate two brides at once.

After five years of providing a home to women in their search for a wedding gown, Casa Bianca Bridal has found its success by honing into female empowerment. The boutique’s achievements are undeniably due to Kaiser’s initiative and drive as both a business owner and mother.

“I have four kids, and they’ve been able to see their mom start her own business and follow her dream. As they figure out what they want to do with their careers as they get older, I want them to see it’s okay to take on a challenge and take a risk. That you can be a mom and still do all of those things,” Kaiser said. 

Casa Bianca Bridal is located at 5654 South Prince Street Suite C in Littleton. For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website here.

All photos courtesy of Casa Bianca Bridal.