What To Drink This Summer: Why We Love This White Wine From Spain

There’s nothing like a crisp glass of white wine on a warm day. Looking for a refreshing new wine choice this summer? The Albariño wines from Rías Baixas should be at the top of your list for summer sipping. Known for elegant white wines, the wine region of Rías Baixas (pronounced REE-ahs BI-shas) occupies a cool green corridor of northwest Spain on the Atlantic coast, an area known as Galicia that is the original homeland of the Albariño grape variety.

Spain is often best-known for reds but ask any sommelier and they’ll tell you that Albariño is a unique and beautiful white wine to watch. Take a sip and you’ll understand why: Albariño wines are crisp, light and fresh, with hints of sea spray and minerality and a well-balanced acidity that makes them a perfect pairing for many dishes. Here’s why Albariño wines from Rías Baixas fit our 303 summer plans to perfection: 

Albariño works for all occasions, from cocktail hour to grill parties. 


Albariño is a food-friendly white wine that’s refreshing and versatile. Chefs and somms look for the natural acidity in wines to match complex food pairings. Beverage expert Daniel Bishop of Fiola in Miami is one of the many sommelier fans of Albariño. Bishop “likes the freshness, acidity, and brightness of the wines, with the salinity and citrus notes.” Albariño has a zippy style that works with many dishes without being too lean or chalky to serve at happy hour.

Fresh and fruit-forward, Albariño tastes delicious. 


It’s summertime at 303, and we want a go-to white wine that tastes great. A true people pleaser of a wine, Albariño is aromatic and tasty, often with signature notes of peach, citrus and white flowers. Somms love Albariño wines for their complexity and distinctive character. All of us can appreciate how delicious and purely satisfying these wines are.

Pair Albariño white wines with cheese, charcuterie and simple tapas.


Whether you’re entertaining on the patio or headed to the mountains, don’t forget to stock up on white wines. Red wines work well with lighter fare like cheese and charcuterie boards, but here’s a pro tip: white wines can work even better. Spain has a lively food scene to inspire your next al fresco evening. For an authentic and simple Spanish tapas night, match Albariño wines with a young Manchego cheese and quince paste (known as membrillo). The combination of sweet and sour works magic with Albariño. Other classic pairings to try include olives, Marcona almonds, Jamon Serrano and tortilla. 

Want to learn more about the Albariño wines of Rías Baixas? If you’re headed to the Aspen Food & Wine Festival this June, stop by and taste a selection of top wines (all available in Colorado). Visit Rías Baixas Wines to find out more about this amazing Atlantic wine region and say “Salud” to summer!