Noelle Phares Announces “Hothouse” Exhibition at Space Gallery

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In an interview with 303 Magazine this past October, Denver artist Noelle Phares shared the mission behind her awe-inspiring work, hoping to “remind us that our ultimate goal as developers on this planet should be to develop in a way that enhances the world, not destroys it.”

Phares’ newest show, Hothouse, will be no exception. On display from April 22 through May 28 at Space Gallery, the 20-piece collection will explore the impacts of climate change and heat on the natural world.

Photo Courtesy of Noelle Phares

A trained environmental scientist, Phares artwork is an investigation of how our natural and made worlds intertwine, and the toll society takes on the landscapes we inhabit. Inspired by a visit to a greenhouse on a Wyoming Ranch, her newest collection was named before she even began painting it.

“The greenhouse was a perfect totem for the behaviors that set our species apart: an uncanny ability to ability to alter our environment,” Phares explained in her artist statement.

Each piece in this collection will explore the topic of climate change. Utilizing her typical landscape and geometric style, these works include references to wildfires, geysers and hot springs to spark discussion about the vulnerability of nature.

Photo Courtesy of Noelle Phares

Hothouse opens at Denver’s Space Gallery on April 22, with an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. that evening. The collection will be on display until May 22, with Phares hosting an artist talk on May 6.

Staying true to her mission, Phares’ exhibition statement explains that “this work was created as a meager attempt to spark whatever can be sparked in the hearts of viewers who love life on earth and care to see it go on.”

Noelle Phares’ “Hothouse” is a 20-piece collection that will debut at Space Gallery (400 Santa Fe Drive, Denver) on April 22. For more information, visit their website.

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