Transform Your Garage With These 10 Ideas

It’s possible to create a space that’s both functional and beautiful simultaneously. Consider these garage conversion ideas to elevate an area that isn’t doing much most of the time. Not only will you elevate the garage space, but you can also increase home value with the changes. Consider contacting your local garage door company in Lakewood, Colorado if any maintenance on your garage needs to take place before moving forward with converting your garage space.

It’s time to plan transformations inside your property to make it more useful and valuable. The garage doesn’t need to stay as a space for your vehicles alone. It’s one of the best places to practice your creativity and passion for home renovations. Here are some ideas for your garage remodel:

1. Movie Room

Everybody loves a good movie room with a wide selection of movies on the shelves. As such, transform the garage into a movie room by concealing the space well. Add an oversized couch and some home theater system to make more movie nights indoors. You don’t need to spend much time going out to the cinema when you have Netflix and your popcorn stocks on the food counter.

2. Function Room

Sometimes, you don’t need to designate the garage space into a specific room. Do you want a spare room functional for all types of use and occasion? Then doing a garage project for your first function room at home is the option for you. Add some utility chairs and tables to make the space more habitable. You can now invite friends for a quick catch-up or set up meetings in the old garage.

3. Family Room

Family rooms are good spaces to bring the family together occasionally. If you want to ensure that your family has a common room to stay in, why not transform the garage into a family room. Add a television, some couch, and your family peripherals like photos and souvenirs to the family room. When you want to hold a family meeting, call everybody in the old garage, a.k.a., the new family room.

4. Additional Interior Layout

If you simply need more floor space for your residential interior, you need to rework the garage floor area. Get contractors who can take away the wall that separates the garage from the household. Then, polish the space by removing any traces of the garage space. As you enlarge the space of your residence, you can now transform the garage into an extension of the original floor area.

5. Luxury Bath

There’s nothing quite like having a good and luxurious bath to take away the stress from your day. The garage is one of the most viable spaces where you can add a big bathtub for your hour-long dips in the bath. Plan out your project by choosing relaxing colors like marbled tiles and floorings. Invest in a giant mirror that magnifies the bathroom and enlarges the space.

6. Alternative Home Entrance

A grand entrance to your home may be the bold statement you are looking for in your residence. You can do this by making the garage the main entrance of your home. You can consider changing the garage walls into glass panels and glass doors that will lead to the interior of your residence. Garage door repair maintenance might be necessary in order to insure that this can be implemented.

7. Pet Area

Do you have furry pet members inside your property that need a special sleeping place? If you have family members who are allergic to fur, having pets around can be detrimental to family health. Many families need to set high considerations for pets inside their homes. The good news is that you can use and do a garage conversion into a pet kennel or pet quarters. The garage can turn into your pet’s home inside your property. 

8. Closet Space

Garage spaces are significant enough to hold a lot of clothes and other things. If you need a bigger space, the garage is always an additional space. All you need to do is contain and conceal the garage entrance by building a large garage wall on the sides. Add some shelves, cabinetry, and elegant vanity. Transfer your clothes inside the old garage, which is now your walk-in closet.

9. Patio

The garage doesn’t need to stay as an interior space inside the property. It can turn into an extension of the home building, focusing on the external space. You can transform the area into a patio where you can enjoy the outside of the house building. Remove the garage doors that guard the garage. Then, add some chairs and take your morning coffee facing your property front yard.

10. Sun Deck

Another option for your garage transformation is a sun deck. If you are leaning towards remaking the garage into a more outdoor accessible space, then you can consider a sun deck. A sun deck is an exposed space that is exposed to the sun. You can turn the garage into a sun deck by transforming the roofing of the garage into slatted and paneled roofs, which allows the sunlight inside the garage space. 

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