Denver’s Most Opinionated Neighborhoods When It Comes to Restaurants

Calling all Google and Yelp review lovers — this one is for you. boam, a consumer-based technology company soon coming to Denver, is an expert in curating millions of data points related to the restaurant industry and food trends. By analyzing ratings and reviews of beloved restaurants in Denver, boam exposed which neighborhoods in the Denver area are the most opinionated and hardest to please when it comes to dining.

boam compiled 3,000,000 reviews and ratings from 4,500 restaurants to unmask this data. If you have ever written a Yelp or Google review about a Denver restaurant, boam has read it.

Boam, Denver

Graphic courtesy of boam.


If you call City Park home, data shows that you are surrounded by the most opinionated foodies in Denver. Although, the people of Capitol Hill do not like to share their thoughts often. The eating-out lovers from the DIA neighborhood are the hardest to please and expect the very best — as we all should. On the other hand, Washington Virginia Vale natives are easier to please and simply love to chow down, which is no crime in our book. Many other neighborhoods are entangled within the data and give us a unique look into the culture of Denver dining.

Download this graphic produced by boam to gain a deeper insight into your stomping ground.