Local Designers Draw on Latinx Heritage to Inspire Life’s Journey with Pedro and Tailor

Colorado-founded Pedro and Tailor is a clothing brand created for adventure. From sweatshirts and tees, to hats and home goods, each quality piece tells a story. And that’s exactly what co-founders Levi Tijerina and Josh Perez hope to achieve — they want their designs to inspire the wearer to create their own story and embark upon a journey. With a strong eye for aesthetics and a sense of pride for their Latinx heritage, the two designers invite everyone to come along on their journey as well.  

Pedro and Tailor Co-founders Levi Tijerina and Josh Perez. Photo courtesy of Pedro and Tailor.

Tijerina and Perez both began their careers in creative industries, which had a profound impact on Pedro and Tailor’s inception. When they started the brand in 2020, they were steadfast in creating powerful, strategic content. At the heart of the content they produced was the intention to be rooted in their personal and heritage stories and at the same time, inviting others to participate in the brand’s story. They wanted the brand’s content to be compelling, but as accessible and inspirational as possible.

When asked how they want customers to feel in Pedro and Tailor clothing, the co-founders explain in one word: pride. “We built Pedro and Tailor as an homage to our Latinx heritage. Josh is Cuban and Puerto Rican and I’m Mexican; we wanted to honor our families and our stories and give a nod to the places we come from,” said Tijerina. “We hope that everyone can appreciate our products and clothing, but that when they wear it, they can also be proud to celebrate their own journey and working to earn their keep.”

Both currently living in Denver, but not Colorado natives, Tijerina and Perez are inspired by the landscape and history of the Centennial State. “Neither of us are from Colorado originally — in that way, it feels like we’re on a journey, like our ancestors and redefining home,” said Tijerina. With Pedro and Tailor, they want to share their discoveries and what they love about Colorado, both in the clothing and the brand’s content.

Photo Courtesy of Pedro and Tailor.

They want their clothing to inspire the wearer to celebrate and remember their place in a much bigger story. Though Pedro and Tailor’s focus and history are rooted in the founders’ varying Latinx heritages, they know that people everywhere want to believe in brands that believe in them. “We hope that when people see Pedro and Tailor out in the wild, there will be a subtle nod to those who share that same love and appreciation,” Tijerina explained.

In regards to the actual clothing, Tijerina and Perez want customers to know that they source and design high-quality products with a story. They think of their brand as “New American Heritage.” Everything in the line has been designed with a story in mind. Each piece celebrates where Tijerina and Perez have been, and where they’re headed.

Photo Courtesy of Pedro and Tailor.

Looking toward the future, they hope Pedro and Tailor grows into a beloved brand that celebrates the human story — even if they don’t share the exact same story with their customers. “We want this [brand] to be the absolute best iteration of what makes us who we are,” explained Tijerina and Perez.

Customers can shop all Pedro and Tailor apparel and accessories and follow along with the brand on the website.

Photo Courtesy of Pedro and Tailor.