Colorado Musicians Sound Off On Voting in 2020

2020 is not the year to be silent. Talking about politics has commonly been taboo, but in today’s climate, there is a distinct need to bring it to the forefront of the conversation. It is no secret, this election is set to be one of the most pivotal voting moments for an entire generation. With issues like climate change, pandemics, and the oppression of minority groups all on the table, now is the time to speak up at the polls. Colorado Musicians are no exception to the call-to-action. Here are seven artists who want you to exercise your right to vote.

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Wes Watkins

Wes Watkins by Greeblehaus on 303 Magazine

Photo by Greeblehaus

“In a society afflicted with the confusion of comfort and impudent insecurity, I find it is easy to fall into the traps, no matter how apparent they are. In this trap, we seek to fit into previously existing social norms, even though those norms are designed to oppress us. In this other, we are fearful of creating new norms for fear of being ostracized from a “modern” society. We seek to be individuals while also seeking to fit into the comfortable crowd, as that is where fiscal stability seemingly lies.

Part of the application of these traps is that ‘We’, as an American people, have been denied accessible tools to voice change time and time again, and it is only getting worse. I do not believe that any individual, especially a politician, is going to “fix” our broken country. However, I do believe that if we continue on this path that we have allowed, even chosen, we will not have the options to manifest change. No, it is quite the opposite. If we continue to allow ourselves to be silenced, we are manifesting more of the oppression we have come to know as part of the social norm.

This vote is important as it will give us the option to maintain hope that America wants to, can, and will change for the better. That we the people can create new norms based in inclusivity, trust, acceptance, and reform. This vote will set the tone for America and, I believe, the Western World for generations to come. What do you want our legacy to sound like? So please, demand to be heard. Demand change.”


Neoma by Julianna Photography on 303 Magazine

Photo by Julianna Photography. Courtesy of the Artist.

“For me, it’s important to vote this year for women’s rights in Colorado. Proposition 115 would take away women’s control over what they can do to their own body. It is sickening that women will probably have to fight for their rights not to be taken away every election cycle. Abortion restrictions have been shut down by Colorado voters six times already.”

Gasoline Lollipops

Gasoline Lolipops by Giacomo Di Franco on 303 Magazine Colorado Musicians Voting

Photo by Giacomo Di Franco

“I’ve heard many progressives saying things like “When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you soon forget that you’re voting for evil at all.” I would like to say that I have no illusions about the degree of fallibility I’m voting for in Joe Biden. But the lesser of two evils is the way of evolution. We didn’t evolve from amoebas in one move. There were many steps in between, and unless we are prepared to go extinct, we need to take the next possible step away from hate and fear, no matter how small it may seem. Complacency is a step towards extinction. VOTE!”

Kaitlyn Williams

Kaitlyn Williams

Photo by Brittany Werges

“Millennials and Gen Z have the power to outvote Baby Boomers. If anyone will have to live with the repercussions of the Baby Boomers’ vote, it’s us. We have a grave responsibility to care about what our future looks like as a country and to do what is right for all people — your vote matters”

The Milk Blossoms

Milk Blossoms, Colorado Musicians Voting

Photo by Amanda Piela

“It’s important to vote because we need to reduce harm across the board in any way we can, by exercising a right many have died and fought for, even though we still can’t escape voter suppression to this day. I’d like to see the two-party system overthrown, but at this time all the power we have is showing up in swaths to vote against our current administration because it is actively and boastfully violent.”

Pink Fuzz

Colorado Musicians Voting

Photo courtesy of Pink Fuzz’s Facebook Page

“Your voice is all it takes — silence now is a weapon. For change, we need to not only talk about it but do something about it. Voting and peaceful protesting are the catalysts.”


Ramakhandra by Robert Mayper on 303 Magazine

Photo by Robert Mayper

“Vote so we can all survive…”

For more information on how and where to vote in Colorado visit For more info on this year’s ballot, check out our voter guide.

For Denver specifically, visit The deadline to vote in Denver County is 7 pm on November 3, 2020.