A New Juice Bar and Lagree Workout Studio Just Opened in RiNo

If you’ve ever been to a Lagree fitness class, you know it’s not for the faint of heart. The Lagree Fitness Method utilizes a Megaformer to work each muscle to failure by moving at a slow and controlled pace — think serious muscle shaking, increased heart rates and high-calorie burning — all with zero impact. Beth Bedingfield was one of the first fitness trainers to bring Lagree to Denver in 2016 with her LoDo fitness studio TransForm. After seeing success with that studio and discovering a need for organic, cold-pressed juice she recently opened a second location in RiNo along with WELLth — an organic juice bar.


Photo Courtesy of WELLth on Facebook

Bedingfield grew up in Greeley but lived in Los Angeles for six years after graduating from Pepperdine University — where she attended on a track and cross country scholarship. She experienced many injuries throughout her athletic career from high-intensity workouts and running and discovered the Lagree method while she was living in LA. “I decided to get certified in Lagree after the first class I took,” she said. Since Lagree is a no-impact workout, it doesn’t put the stress on your joints like high-intensity exercises do. “It’s engaging your muscles but protecting the muscles around the joint that people typically pull,” Bedingfield explained, “It’s hard but it’s so gentle on your body.” Bedingfield has trained celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Calvin Harris, Hayden Panettiere and Julia Stiles — so you know it’s a workout that will yield results.

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In 2016 — after Bedingfield moved to Denver to be closer to her family — she saw that Lagree hadn’t had its moment here yet like it had in LA so she decided to open her first TransForm studio on 15th Street and Delgany. That location also offers a climbing-based fitness class where you are using a Versa Climber — a low impact machine that utilizes movement progression that is innate to the human body — to climb to the beat of the music. “You’re moving the way that our bodies are designed to move — which is standing up,” said Bedingfield, “You work everything from your head to your toes.”

Versa Climber

Photo Courtesy of TransForm on Facebook

The newest TransForm location further showcases Bedingfield’s vision for the brand through new yoga classes and WELLth. WELLth brings organic, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, superfoods and more to the RiNo community. Bedingfield is committed to educating guests on a different way of living and thinking when it comes to fueling their bodies through understanding how nutrients can influence and improve internal, external and emotional health. She took Deepak Chopra’s meditation training where she studied his six pillars of health and wellbeing and wanted to bring those pillars into the new location. “I wanted to create a place that was a one stop shop for at least three of those pillars: movement, nutrition and meditation,” she said. The movement comes from the Lagree and yoga classes, the nutrition comes from the organic food and juices at WELLth and she is currently in the process of developing meditation classes and curriculum.

WELLth is a mostly vegan cafe that anyone can go to — it’s not only for TransForm members. The juices are cold-pressed to retain full nutritional value and extract every ounce of juice possible that a fruit or vegetable can possibly yield. They are also 100% raw which means they are never pasteurized or high pressure processed — techniques that can extend the shelf life — because those also reduce the enzyme content of the juice that your body needs. None of the juices or smoothies are sweetened with any added sweeteners to maintain the natural flavor of the fresh fruits and vegetables. WELLth offers customized juice cleanses that offer many benefits including reduced inflammation, cellular rejuvenation, increased energy, mental clarity, improved digestion, immunity boost, decreased anxiety and more. Bedingfield suggests cleansing once per season — about three to four times per year — to experience the maximum benefits. “Especially with the increased focus on immunity right now and with the fires around the state — this is a great time for a cleanse to detoxify and get rid of those heavy metals that build up,” said Bedingfield.

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Whether you want to start out with an acai bowl, get the full experience of a multi-day cleanse, or try your first Lagree class, WELLth and TransForm RiNo are now open for you to discover your own path to wellbeing. Just don’t plan to go hiking after your first class — you might not be able to walk the next day.

WELLth and TransForm RiNo are located at 2636 Walnut St #103, Denver. WELLth is open daily 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. TransForm class times can be found here.