A 24-Hour DJ Marathon Comes to Your Living Room in August

Photo Courtesy of Retrofette’s Facebook Page.

This August, you may not be enjoying the outdoor concerts, events or large gatherings, but synth-pop group Retrofette invites you to participate in dancing the night away for a good causeβ€”all from the comfort and safety of your own home.Β 

Retrofette’s Nuit Blanche, a wild, 24-hour DJ set marathon comes on Friday, August 28 to dance away the day for a virtual fundraising event.Β 

The local band got the inspiration for the name from Nuit Blanche β€” an annual all-night art and music festival in Paris, France.Β 

On the local side of things, for every view that the live stream receives, sponsors will donate $1 to Youth on Record. This nonprofit provides education, safe spaces and career opportunities for underserved young artists. There is an ever-diminishing focus on arts education in schools, and this organization wants to provide a diverse, flourishing and stronger art community in Denver amid the ongoing COVID-19 struggles.Β 

β€œWe wanted to do live streaming with our own special twist,” said Sean Culliton of Retrofette in a prepared statement. β€œWe wanted to create something more fun than your average live stream concert, that also inspired a sense of community while being socially distanced.”

This fundraiser is tailor-made for life during COVID-19. So, come dance and strengthen Denver’s local music community.

By just joining in on the dance party, you will contribute to the cause, there also are other ways to donate as an audience member. All merchandise sales during the 24-hour set will be donated to Youth on Record. Fans can also sponsor one of the 24 hours through a donation to receive a shoutout at the top of that hour.Β 

The fundraising dance event will last from noon to noon beginning on August 28. For more information on the live stream event, check out the Facebook page. Or to donate to the Nuit Blanche, find more information here. Β 

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