New Colorado Music You Should Know – March Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to [email protected] for consideration.

Though warmer months appear to be on the horizon, the winter blues are still very real for much of Denver – and this month’s new music roundup reflects that same attitude. Much of the music emerging from the local scene is slow and mellow, perfect for cozying up with a blanket and fending off the pre-spring gloom.

Five New Up and Coming Local Acts

Isadora Eden

Listen if you like Phoebe Bridgers

While it may seem like the easiest way to ease into making music, beautiful simplicity is often the hardest thing to achieve. However, that’s exactly what Isadora Eden does throughout her brief discography. Her soft voice cascades alongside six-stringed melodies, creating a timeless and unforgettable sound.


Listen if you like Russian Circles

Denver-based quartet Liontortoise draws upon a variety of influences to cultivate a uniquely melodic post-rock sound. The instrumental music is complex and interesting but also full of energy. Liontortoise’s music serves as the perfect soundtrack for studying, slow Sunday drives through the mountains or basically anything else.

Fox Lake

Listen if you like Great American Ghost

Quickly gaining attention within the local hardcore scene, Fox Lake’s distinct sound makes them impossible to ignore, but more notably, their live performances have made a mark on the local scene. Their explosive energy leaves no questions as to why they’ve reserved a spot for themselves on the radar of local hardcore-lovers.

Stop Motion

Listen if you like Norah Jones

Transplants from Portland, the duo behind Stop Motion realized the full picture of their musical vision when they moved to Denver and found the rest of their band in 2016. The soul group’s mellow vibes are easy to listen to but incredibly difficult to turn off.

Weathered Statues

Listen if you like Selofan

Weathered Statues’ dark point of view provides a morbid undertone to their post-punk melodies. Revitalizing sounds that were common among bands like The Cure, Weathered Statues modernizes the musical styles we’ve never been able to stop listening to.

Five New Local Songs

Reed Fox – “Valentine’s Day Bowling Champion”

Listen if you like Of Montreal


Teaming up with a variety of other creatives at Moon Magnet studios to create this new single, Reed Fox continues to find new ways to explore unusual sonic experiences. True to Reed Fox’s unique perspective, “Valentine’s Day Bowling Champion” is a journey to another sensory plane, unlike anything else you’re likely to find within the Denver scene.

 Bass Physics – “Whirlwind”

Listen if you like The Chainsmokers

A collaboration with local singer-songwriter Soundr, Bass Physic’s latest single, “Whirlwind” feels like summer. The low-key electronic beats float carefully under Soundr’s voice, combining for a perfect easy-listening track to ease into the warmer months – that will hopefully be here soon!

Mama Magnolia – “Take This Love”

Listen if you like Tedeschi Trucks Band

Mama Magnolia’s distinctive sound has always been driven by the powerful lead vocals of Megan Letts, and this remains true with the release of their most recent single. Thrusting listeners headfirst into the hard free-fall that is falling in love, the story is told equally through the lyrics of the song as well as the music itself. Beginning slow and building to an explosive crescendo, the song beautifully captures the feeling of having the floor drop out from underneath you when you first begin to fall for someone new.

Willbeaux – “No Sleep”

Listen if you like Black Coffee

Willbeux’s first track of 2020, “No Sleep” is everything that an electro-house track should be. The tempo and wobbly bass tones combine to create a perfect party song from a producer who has a clear understanding of all the components of what makes a good song.

Meliora – “Doxing”

Listen if you like Citizen

A critique of politics and hypocrisy, Meliora’s most recent release is three post-rock driven tracks. The second track of the EP, “Doxing” begins as the heaviest of the release, but quickly softens up to let vocalist and lyricist Mickey Postillion’s politically-charged song-writing shine.

Five New Local Music Videos

Neoma – “Chaos”

Listen if you like Lykke Li

Lurking in low lighting, Neoma fades in and out of sight as lights flash in the video for “Chaos.” The minimalist style of the video allows Neoma’s voice to act as the star of the video, as fans are captivated by the melody and beat of the music itself.

Big Gigantic – “Burning Love”

Listen if you like Opiuo

Big Gigantic’s latest music video follows a variety of couples through the highs and lows of love. Whether it’s enjoying the simple things, like playing cards at home, or something a bit more extravagant, the video captures all the beauty of love that makes it worth it to get through the hard times.

Babelord – “Love Without Wanting”

Listen if you like Voxtrot

Babelord’s latest music video is all about the power of love. It explores the weirdness of the human experience, the strange insecurities that can result from looking yourself in the mirror and most importantly, Babelord’s latest endeavor encourages you to love everything about the messy experience that is life.

Wildermiss – “Promise Me”

Listen if you like Bronze Radio Return

Following the band as they enjoy all that a standard state fair has to offer, the video for “Promise Me” displays the band’s aesthetic in the best way possible. Vocalist Emma Cole shines as she sits comfortably in the Ferris wheel or on the carousel, and the rest of Wildermiss follows suit as the lyrics play under the video, encouraging fans to sing-along.

G. Love – “She’s the Rock”

Listen if you like The Avett Brothers

Done in a simple style, the music video for “She’s the Rock” feels true to G. Love’s authentic Americana style. A song from G. Love’s solo album, “She’s the Rock” highlights his songwriting ability and proves that sometimes there truly is more than enough beauty to be found in simplicity.