303 Street Style – The Unique Fashion of The Wedding Party

With nine newlywed couples, a 30-foot dessert table, food and drinks from local and national vendors, two alpacas, four pigs and The Bachelor star Ben Higgins officiating — The Wedding Party was a singular and delightfully anomalous success. DiningOut Events teamed up with Higgins to bring together the families of nine couples and wedding crashers from around the country to Westminster. The one-of-a-kind certainly yields some unforgettable looks. We compiled the best wedding street style, so you can get a taste of what you missed this Labor Day weekend.

Staza Stone and Matt Bergen turned heads in their gravity-defying stilts and bride and groom costumes. Stone’s stilts were custom made by an artist in Denver while Bergen’s are a brand called Bigfoot stilts and are commonly used at Disney World.

Simona Shapiro wears a sequined dress from Free People and white boots from Freebird. “I just saw it in the store and thought it was fun,” Shapiro said of her unique Free People find.

Trying to beat the heat wave, Herbert Collins sports a suit he found on Amazon. “I love baby blue.”

“This is mostly Banana Republic, and a free hat I got from Las Vegas. I tend to dress in a pantsuit and vest style. It’s a warm wedding, so I didn’t want to wear long sleeves.” — Ashley Ogden

“It’s outside, so you want to be bright, free and not uptight. We don’t get to dress like this every day.” — “G”

Australian and LA native, Kimberly Cooper wears a corset found at the Hustlers store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles paired with a “laundry basket skirt,” Michael Shannon shoes and a unique necklace. “The necklace is from Australia, and the woman who sells them gets them from France. As it gets hotter, it melts into your skin and ends up looking like a tattoo.”

Rummaging through her friend’s closet, Mackenzie Tamayo opted for this sleek dress from Eve’s Revolution. “It’s flowy and breathes really well.”

“It’s just something I pulled together. It’s festive. I’ve had this shirt for probably 10 to 15 years and only break it out on rare occasions.” — Ben Breno

“I was trying to wear a wedge, but I thought who am I kidding? We’re going to be dancing, and it’s on grass. I wanted a Converse look, and I had found these black ones, but my coworker found these rose gold ones.” — Kerry Ferro

Wellness company owner, Aislynn Van Clief wears a traditional kimono. “This is a traditional color palette and style you would wear in the tea room. It’s all vintage from Japan.”

Louis Torres sports a floral patterned blazer. “I got this off the clearance rack at Macy’s, and it’s pretty snazzy. The tie is from Calvin Klein.”

“The skirt is from Akira which is a brand based in Chicago. I just like pieces that are a little over the top, and it seemed fitting for the occasion.” —Andrea Mart

“I got this hat from Saks Fifth Avenue. I wanted to look like I was going to a wedding, and this is how I would dress for a wedding.” —Kendall Unruh

Lilly Pearson sparkles in a metallic dress from Wish Boutique in Washington Park and dangling red rose earrings.

“I’m goth, and I need black. But I like sparkles, and it’s hot so I needed something that would billow in the wind. That inspired the chiffon.” —Celeste Packard

Caleb Remington wears a deep emerald green suit from Express. “My wife, Tiffany, bought this for me. She’s the fashionista.”

All photography by Samantha Hines.