The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) has been around long enough to become a household name within the festival lineup. Pair that with last year’s overwhelming praise of the festival by industry professionals, and you’ve got yourself an upward trajectory with the sky as the limit. As with any good thing, innovation and growth are necessary to keep the kinetic motion going — so UMS decided to combine the two and gift us with their newest technological addition.

With just over a month to go, the festival has officially launched a Spotify powered app that will curate a playlist for the individual based on your personal Spotify profile. This playlist creates a lineup of exclusively UMS artists to listen to before the three-day festival. If you’re on the fence about the acts hitting the stage, a personalized playlist is the way to go. We know there’s a lot of local talent out there, and we know it’s hard to catch every show that could be your favorite new band. UMS knows this too. So they’re helping you out.

Whether your tastes lean more toward the grittiness of the Velveteers or you’re more of a fan of the big band feel of Don Chicharron, this playlist will prepare you for a three-day stint of everything you never knew you were missing.

Create out your personal playlist here. You can also check out the official UMS playlist on Spotify showcasing all of the talent hitting Broadway on July 26-28.