Perske Perspective first launched in June of 2017 by founder, Elijah Perske. Acts of love and compassion — as well as being your authentic self — are important in the creation of these one-of-a-kind artistic designs. From a young age, Perske loved shoes and fashion and wasn’t afraid to branch out from the crowd. By the time his teenage years rolled around, he got into designing. Jaden and Willow Smith were huge inspiration icons Perske looked up to when the idea to become an artist started to mold into a serious role in his life.

“I slowly started adapting my style from people who inspired me — like Jaden and Willow Smith. There was a lyric he said in one of his songs, ‘Take your ideas and put it on a shirt — that really prompted me to begin the design process for my pieces from tees to pants. Their brand MSFTSrep inspired me to take the next step and create my brand,” explained Perske.

The Denver fashion scene has definitely influenced Perske’s creativity. The uniqueness and community feel that Denver offers for people sparked an artistic interest for him. “Anytime I am in the city, I notice something new that makes me feel good or think in a new way,” said Perske. “If you take the time to notice, you will see all different styles of art and fashion accepted. No one is left out — everyone is welcome.”

Perske black jacket

303 Magazine: First, tell us a little about yourself. 

Elijah Perske: I grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota. I have one sister and three brothers who all play a huge role in who I am today. Action sports like skateboarding, wakeboarding and snowboarding are something I preferred over conventional sports. I spent most of my days learning new tricks and exploring new music styles. Even though college wasn’t for me, I was good at school so I did my best to finish ahead. I received an associates degree at 19 and started my entrepreneurial adventures shortly after. Today, I still enjoy board sports and creating music. I primarily design clothes and push the art from the brand out to the world.

303: How did the idea to start your own brand come into play? When did it first open? 

EP: I had many ideas running through my head on how to start or where to begin. I wanted to stand out and be different from a market that appears to be oversaturated, and hard to make a name for yourself.  My older brother, Josiah, plays a big part in helping me be the person I am today, and I knew his personal skill and style of art is beyond this world. I began building the brand in June 2017 and launched the website on my 21st birthday that same month.

Perske backpack

303: How do you come up with your original designs? What does the process entail to create a product? 

EP: My brother, Josiah, has been making art for as long as I can remember. I however never considered myself to be good at drawing. His art is where a lot of inspiration for positivity and uplifting others comes from. I can’t say how he specifically gets into his rhythm of drawing, but I know it’s out of awareness and flow. I began taking a different approach over the past couple years to design more complex products, other than just printing his art on shirts. Eventually, I had an opportunity to collaborate with a fashion designer with a brand named Joker Clothing from Dublin. We created a windbreaker and bucket hat. Details like positive quotes on the sleeve that blend were attributes included. Since then, I have created jeans, overalls, backpacks and hats that have my own personal touch to them.

303: Are there any current projects you are working on? If so, what can you tell us about them? 

EP: I have a lot planned and there is a specific project I would like to be completed this summer. I don’t want to give too much away, but what I can say is it will be a new style from what you’ve seen. The same intention will carry on to inspire and lift others up.

303: What motivates you to continue to grow and expand your brand? 

EP: What motivates me is to impact people all around the world in a positive way. I want more than anything to be a light to the world. I want to encourage others to be the best they can be while embracing new styles and experimenting in all life has to offer. Picking out clothes or thrifting for unique pieces is something I love to do. Moreover, this seems to be the most fitting way for me to accomplish my dreams.

Perske tan shirt

303: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? 

EP: This is a hard question because the direction life throws me is always surprising, but I know a lot will change in that amount of time. I want to adapt the brand into something more high-end while keeping the art the focus of the clothing. I would like to design accessories as well as shoes and boots. Eventually, I would like to be a stylist for other artists and be a part of the fashion scene all around the world. I am not sure how I will get there, but I will keep riding the wave I am on and make the best out of everything that comes my way — good or bad.

My dreams could unfold overnight, or take several years to develop. However, what matters most to me is the present moment and not stressing over the details. Tell the world what you want, while becoming the person you think you need to be. This will ultimately help you reach the goals you have in mind. The rest will unfold with divine timing.

303: What’s next for Perske Perspective? 

EP: What’s next will be several new clothing drops, a few collaborative projects and most importantly developing myself into the best version of me. I have much to learn to pave my way in the fashion scene. My intention is to do so with love and care for those around me.

All photography by Adam Asdel