Birdsall Is a Millennial Gardener’s Dream Store

Tucked within the brick building lined courtyard of Backyard on Blake (BYOB) hides Birdsall & Co. — an urban nursery catering to the millennial generation and their love for plants and urban gardening. Inside this unique garden boutique is a warm, fairy light illuminated atmosphere, surrounded by plants and the sound of dripping water from fountains. It feels like you’ve stepped through a portal into something more serene than nature.

This isn’t the first Birdsall & Co. store in the Denver area. A few miles south — in Englewood — Birdsall & Co. have their original store. This first location focuses on being a garden boutique, while the location on Blake Street is more of an urban nursery.

Walking through the Birdsall & Co. location on Blake Street feels like an escape from the busy urban district that RiNo has become over the past few years. After spending an hour looking for parking you step through the doors of this store and breathe a breath of fresh air surrounded by plants and cute home decorations. The sound of cars fades away and you slowly begin to notice the subtle drip of fountains running throughout the store.

Birdsall & Co. at BYOB has a simple layout — one long room with stairs to an upper loft where you can look down on the whole store. When you first enter you are greeted by a wall of reusable tote bags and a massive, beautiful and lush plant which helps guide you into the rest of the store.

This store sells everything you need to transform your room, house or backyard into a relaxing plant haven. Fountains, birdbaths, indoor and outdoor plants, outdoor furniture and more fill this boutique to the brim, but not in a way that makes you feel trapped or claustrophobic. Besides the necessary tools to transform your living spaces, Birdsall & Co. has a wall of natural soaps, sugar scrubs, beard oils and more.

If you’re out for the day in the RiNo area — take the time to step inside Birdsall & Co. on Blake Street and reconnect with simple nature in our rapidly expanding city.

All Photography by Lukas Crosby