Bonfire Vintage Pop-Up Market Comes to RiNo This Weekend

Photography Courtesy of Bonfire Vintage

To shop vintage is to invest in unique, rare and quality treasures. Bonfire Vintage will bring together more than 35 local shops of retro fashions and rare finds to RiNo from April 5 through 7. Shop owners are pulling their greatest products for the event — clothing, accessories, vinyl records, furniture, décor and other oddities. The event will also include a vintage cocktail bar hosted by Ironton Distillery and a 1960 Volkswagen Beetle photo booth. We recently got a preview of what’s to come this weekend and spoke with four extraordinary local vendors that will be at the event.

Luxe Starling

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The Lowdown: Lindsey Houghtaling sells rare bohemian housewares globally through Etsy. She grew up in a house with vintage and hand-made furnishings. “Nothing was new, everything had a story,” Houghtaling explained. Her style is natural organic materials, like wood, wicker, pottery and metalwork from the 1900s through the 1990s. At Bonfire Vintage, Houghtaling will have mid-century bar-ware, colorful textiles and Southwest style home décor. “My hope is that people find something special that speaks to them and their home becomes more inspiring because of it. Don’t buy your decor, collect it,” said Houghtaling.

Lexi Goes Thrifting

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The Lowdown: Lexi Wilson’s affinity for vintage began as a child when she helped her father set up his booth at vintage toy shows. Her dream started by having remarkable garage sales that inspired her online store with Etsy. Her purpose is to bring together small business owners, sell rarities and reduce waste by selling recycled items. “Growing up, vintage was priced notoriously high at local shops. I think that made a lot of people snub vintage and I don’t want people to snub vintage, I want them to love it. I price appropriately and keep it reasonable.” At Bonfire Vintage, Lexi Goes Thrifting will have an eclectic mix of clothing and house goods from the 1950s to ’90s that could add flair to a modern wardrobe and home. You will find colorful mod, goth and grunge clothing and accessories.

Heir Vintage

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The Lowdown: Mia Sadowsky and Kelsey McCartney are passionate about running a sustainable second-hand fashion business. “Pollutants from textiles and waste from fast fashion are a major issue. There are so many beautiful pieces of clothing that we want to bring to the surface and show that second-hand clothing is the way,” said Sadowsky. Heir Vintage is a mobile boutique inside a refurbished school bus. It specializes in women’s funky and casual everyday clothing throughout the eras.


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The Lowdown: When Jason Munoz was a child, he would visit garage sales and flea markets every weekend with his grandpa. Now, he sells vintage clothing through Instagram, eBay, Etsy and he also sells vintage clothing at MAM Couture in RiNo. “We love pop-up market season because we get to meet our lovely customers,” said Munoz. At Bonfire Vintage, ReMenace will have cool t-shirts, loud button-ups, hats, western wear, buttons and vintage toys.

Bonfire Vintage will take place from Friday, April 5 at 5 p.m. to Sunday, April 7 at 5 p.m. at B-SPOT Pop-Up, 2750 Blake Street, Denver. Purchase tickets here

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