Starting on Friday, March 8, Sie FilmCenter hosts the most adorable film festival you could ever attend – the Cat Video Fest. The three-day festival features a chance to see a menagerie of feline-centric clips and videos that have been submitted and curated to create an experience like non-other.

The collection of videos includes animations, music videos, viral hits and more all featuring adorable furry kitties traveling across America to spread joy wherever it lands. This year you can watch a 70-minute reel of cat-tastic content with some purrfect new additions and feel good about doing so.

The Cat Video Fest donates 10 percents of all ticket sales to local cat care organizations, rescues and charities. So not only are you watching some cute felines on screen but you are also helping out some furry friends in need at the same time.

Tickets are $11.50 here with showings now through Sunday, March 10. Sie FilmCenter is located at 2510 E. Colfax Ave, Denver.