Lawrence + Larimer (Law + Lar) the Denver-born athleisure and lifestyle brand just launched an exclusive capsule collection in honor of Black History Month. The collection, titled “The Movement Part II,”  was designed by Colorado natives and Law + Lar owners, John and Keyonna Chapman. Similar to a campaign they created last year which was inspired by the work of black figures like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and organizations like The Black Panther Party — this year’s collection features eight designs paying tribute to historical figures in black history.

According to the Chapmans, “The Movement Part II” pays tribute to black figures who settled in Colorado and other black heroes who became national legends in the music, education and sports sectors. “I read recently when the elders of a village pass on, it’s like a library of stories burns down,” said co-founder Keyonna. “That’s one of the reasons we deem it important for us to carry on the legacy of those who came before us, through our passion — which is style.” Each piece is designed to become a collectible heirloom used to spark conversations about the importance of honoring those who paved the way before us. “We’re educating through style and couldn’t be more thrilled to share our creativity with our customers,” said John.

The exclusive collection is available in the store and online. Law + Lar is located at 3229 East Colfax Ave., Denver.

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All photography courtesy of Law + Lar.