Playlist – Local Love Songs to Annoy Your Coworkers With on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day — you either love it, hate it, or accept it for what it is — the blatant commercialization of love and the only acceptable time of the year to eat those heart-shaped pieces of sugarcoated chalk. If your idea of a successful Valentine’s Day revolves around the idea of replacing the water in your coworker’s water bottle with vodka — this playlist isn’t for you.

If you happily embrace the $18.2 billion industry with open arms ready to be filled with chocolate and roses — you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a playlist of the mushiest local love songs we could find for you and your boo’s special day. Turn up those speakers, pretend like you aren’t expecting flowers and share those horrible cherry-filled chocolates with Karen from HR — it’s your day to shine. For more holiday playlists and local finds, follow 303 Magazine on Spotify.

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