This holiday season the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is continuing its 32-year gingerbread house tradition with a 3,798,114 calorie, 12-foot-tall, 150-square-foot gingerbread house. Led by The Broadmoor’s executive pastry chef Adam Thomas, the treat is a replica of a small chapel west of the resort, which was constructed in 1919 just after The Broadmoor hotel opened in 1918. It took 10 master pastry chefs and two carpenters 220+ hours to make the chapel which, if consumed, would be 3,798,114 calories, totaling a very painful 288,495 percent of your total daily carbohydrates. The recipe includes the following: 

  • 958lbs of powdered sugar
  • 475lbs of flour
  • 650 eggs
  • 19lbs of holiday spices
  • 200lbs of honey
  • 128lbs of molasses
  • 6 lbs of salt
  • 78lbs of assorted candy, gum balls and fruit jellies
  • 164lbs of dark chocolate
  • 89lbs of butter
  • 3lbs of baking soda
  • 10lbs of heavy cream
  • 2lbs of fresh yeast


The model chapel was built in the basilica style, so even though it is small, it resembles nothing so much as a great cathedral done in miniature. The Pauline Chapel was named for Mrs. Penrose’s granddaughter, Pauline, in gratitude for the family’s “deliverance from evil” during World War I. Unfortunately, the house isn’t on the Broadmoor’s dessert menu — but this Christmas creation of epic proportions can be viewed seven days a week at 1 Lake Avenue in Colorado Springs. Call them at (855) 634-7711 for more information or visit the website here.

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