Lipgloss Announces Anniversary Party With Andrew W.K.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 16 years since Lipgloss held their first dance party back in 2001. Known as the “longest running indie dance party,” this Denver institution first opened its doors to people who don’t usually like dance parties or traditional clubs. Since then, Lipgloss has gained a loyal following under the idea that, “If music is both good enough to dance to and typically shunned by run-of-the-mill clubs, it’s fair game for their dance-floor” (Lipgloss on Facebook). The event was created by Boyhollow back in 2001 and Lipgloss happens every Friday night at Milk Bar on 1037 Broadway in the historic Jonas Furs building. For its anniversary party, it’ll be taking over Bar Standard.

The event has gained such a huge following that each anniversary party continues to book impressive performers. Last year, MGMT performed for the Lipgloss 15th anniversary and this year, Andrew W.K. will be playing a DJ set. Known for songs like “Party Hard” and “We Want Fun,” Andrew W.K. brings high energy to the stage as well as the occasional bloody nose. He’s based out of New York City and is famous not only for his music but for his “uplifting attitude” and “feel-good abilities.” The choice to feature the self-proclaimed “king of partying” feels appropriate for this annual celebration of Denver Lipgloss dance parties. Opening support will be provided by Boyhollow and DJ Tower so be sure to arrive early. For more information on the event go here.

Note – 303 Magazine is a media sponsor of the Lipgloss Anniversary Party. 

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