Located at the center of the city, the Flower Full Moon Hike in Lakewood is an annual event that promises to provide a quick getaway from the zeal of downtown Denver. Happening this Wednesday, hikers will experience the wildflowers in full bloom and view the full moon set to take place on May 10. Guests will also have the opportunity to explore the Bear Creek Greenbelt and view the historic Stone House. During the hike, event goers will learn about the park’s agriculture and practice using their senses to help navigate hiking underneath the moonlight sky.

Park naturalist Jody Morse — who will guide the upcoming hike — especially enjoys seeing the variety of land and air animals that aren’t visible during the day.

“The most appealing thing about my night hikes is the fact that you see different critters of the night both on land and in the air. I anticipate seeing many bats,” said Morse.

Morse intends to use her knowledge and experience to create a memorable adventure for the hikers. One that will motivate them into going outside at night — and enjoying it.

“I’m a backyard astronomer so I love the night sky and assisting others who might be intimidated about what they see. I do these night hikes to give the public the ‘tools’ they need to enjoy the evening/night by themselves, or with their families,” she said.

The hike will begin at around 7:30 p.m. at The Stone House — a centuries-old homestead that has been preserved for rental use. No dogs are allowed and there is a $2 entry fee. However, Morse thinks the event will give park goers an opportunity to experience Bear Creek at an unusual time and with a smaller group of people.

“I love this particular program because it brings visitors to the park at a time they are generally not exposed to,” she said.