SNL’s Michael Che Comes to Denver, Gives Advice on Weed and Trumpcare

Michael Che. Photo courtesy of Matt Lief Anderson Music.

“Are there any black people here?” Michael Che asked the Comedy Works audience downtown Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Beer in hand with a tilted Yankees hat, Che was having such a good time during his first show on Thursday, he totally lost track of time and was upset he didn’t end his set.

“Really?” he asked stage officials before he ended his set. But the audience thought it was funny nonetheless. Che, a current cast member of Saturday Night Live and SNL segment “Weekend Update” co-anchor, spent his St. Patty’s Day weekend doing stand-up for Denver since he wanted to see what all the hype was about.

“It’s my first time in Denver. It’s pretty dope. I’ve been in a lot of basements but this is a good one,” Che said referring to the underground black box Comedy Works venue in Writer Square.

“There’s a lot of weed,” he joked. “Until Trumpcare gets ahold of it. You’re going to have to start calling all your black friends again.”

Just like in his Netflix special Michael Che Matters, the 33 year-old comedian made sure his set was uncensored. Che discussed politics, race, religion, well-endowed homeless men and even briefly talked about periods.

“Women don’t talk about it the way I know I would talk about it,” Che said to applause. “I would bring it up all the fucking time.”

It was also inevitable Che would bring up Trump. According to Variety, SNL is having its most successful season since the Clinton era in the early 1990s, and it’s a no brainer that the sketches mocking Trump, Spicer, and other political figures have a lot to do with it.

For Che, it seems like the great ratings and fame have not affected him. He’s still angry as hell.

“I’m sick of politics. I’m sick of Donald Trump. He did everything wrong—but somehow. Grab ‘em by the pussy? I’ve never heard that shit before and I listen to gangster rap,” he said.

Che may have left the stage abruptly Thursday night, but he definitely delivered.

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