Photo courtesy of The Way Back on Instagram.

Have you ever gone to a bar and find yourself fascinated with the bartenders mixing drinks? Or have you looked at a drink menu and thought, “I wish I knew how to make that at home?”

Well, now’s your chance because  The Way Back is taking you to school. The Way Back: Cocktail Curriculum is giving booze hounds the chance to learn how to make all your favorite drinks. Beginning in March, the classes happen every second Saturday of the month. Learn how to make some of the fanciest – and favorite – cocktails with classes led by Chad Michael George, formerly of Williams & Graham, Ted Lamontagne, Conor McDermot and Sara Timmer. These will include the classic cocktails, wines and vermouths, frozen concoctions, all things whiskey and the festive drinks come December. In addition to the class, attendees will get three free drinks paired with some small bites from the kitchen. Also if you stick around they’ll give you 20 percent off their food and drink bill if you dine at The Way Back that same evening.

Classes are from 2:30 – 4 p.m. and run at $40/person. For full schedule and event details see below or visit The Way Back’s website. The Way Back is located at 4132 W. 38th Avenue, Denver, Colorado. 

Chad Michael George, formerly of Williams & Graham, will lead the class. Photo by Brittany Werges.


Saturday, March 18
Call Me Old Fashioned

Classics & Twists on Classics

Saturday, April 15
The Fountain of Vermouth

Celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday and Tax Day with his two favorite spirits – Wine & Vermouth

Saturday, May 13

Mother’s Day: Wait – What’s my Punch Line?

Punches & Party Drinks 

Saturday, June 10

Fathers Day: “When I was Your Age…ed Whiskey”

Scotch & Whiskey Education

Saturday, July 8

Blender Neutral

How to make REALLY good frozen drinks

Saturday, August 12

I Ohana ‘Nother Drink!

Tiki 101

Saturday, September 9

Which Came First – The Kitchen or the Keg?

Beer Cocktails 

Saturday, October 14

More for me, it’s Après Ski

Autumn Warmers & Hot Cocktails

Saturday, November 11

Here Today, Gone Amaro

Amaro & Digestifs

Saturday, December 9

All I Want For Christmas is Veuve

Bubbly & Celebratory Drinks