If one thing is true about the Denver population, it’s that they love their brunch. There’s hardly a place in town where there’s no wait to be seated, but it doesn’t seem to stop anyone. And after exploring the Mile High brunch scene it’s easy to see why the wait is less than intimidating.

From diners to upscale eateries, there’s no shortage of satiating options for the weekend warriors and their breakfast fare demands. And now that the cold weather is settling in in a major way, heading out to eat on Saturday and Sunday has easily become one of the week’s key activities. Luckily we’ve compiled five of our favorite brunch bites to get you through the most frigid mornings this year.

Biscuits and Gravy at the Universal

Photo by Kelly Baines

Where: 2911 W. 38th Ave., Denver

Next time you find yourself near Sunnyside, head over to The Universal for brunch. This quaint eatery is home to some truly incredible food, whether you prefer savory or sweet. The biscuits and gravy ($7.50) is a must try for anyone, as it combines a flaky, fluffy biscuit soaked in spicy pork sausage gravy.

Donut Holes at Linger

Photo by Kelly Baines.

Where: 2030 W. 30th Ave., Denver

If you haven’t been to LoHi’s Linger yet, you’re seriously missing out. The bar and restaurant is at the site of a former mortuary, but the only thing that will haunt you is the fullness of your stomach when you leave. Try the donut holes ($9), which come in a paper bag full of powdered sugar that you can shake to your liking. The sweet meal comes with a side of dulce de leche dipping sauce, which is sinfully delicious to soak the donuts in.

Neil Patrick Harrison Ford Escort Service at the Squeaky Bean

Photo by Meg O’Neill

Where: 1500 Wynkoop St. #101, Denver

If you’re more into the booze than the food while out brunching, head over to the Squeaky Bean downtown. Their cocktail menu includes more than just the traditional mimosas and bloodies, although those options are still available. One of the favorites from the menu is the Neil Patrick Harrison Ford Escort Service ($6), which combines Ketel One, pommadine, pineapple, lime and soda in a martini glass with garnish. This is perfect for taking the edge off of any morning in a delicious way.

Lavender Blueberry Pancakes at Jelly


Photo by Glenn Ross

Where: 600 E. 13th Ave., Denver

Capitol Hill’s Jelly Café is extremely well known for their sweet brunches, and there’s definitely good reasoning behind it. Jelly’s lavender blueberry pancakes ($7.49) combine the sweet, classic taste of blueberry pancakes with a subtle lavender flavor. Best of all, the pancakes are topped with fresh blueberries.

Brunch Burger at the Nickel

Photo by Meg O’Neill

Where: 1100 14th St, Denver

Oftentimes, brunch is used as a social way to crutch your way into the next day after a night out. The Nickel offers one of the best hangover helpers I’ve ever eaten – it comes in the form of a burger. The restaurant in Hotel Teatro’s brunch burger ($18) contains not one, but two beef patties, sausage gravy, egg yolk, shoestring potatoes and gouda cheese to create the perfect combination of all the best savory breakfast food between two buns.