Many musicians move to Colorado to begin their career in a place overflowing with possibilities. As fans in search of the next big thing, we are spoiled to have such a wide array of talent to choose from. But with an almost over saturation of this talent, much of it can get lost in the masses and the classic Denver sound of DJs and string bands expands. Last week, we got to meet a young local singer named Povi at one of her shows, an artist born and raised in Denver, a rare sight these days. Her live show was something fresh for Colorado, a sound that belongs on a sidewalk in Los Angeles, or a basement in New York, a sound that Denver needs. Povi graced a small crowd at an intimate music studio in Boulder called Cosmic Collective, and truly impressed. Playing her incredible blend of old school hip-hop and modern dance music, her voice sounded crystal clear and was accompanied by a full dance routine with two back-up dancers, a lost art in this day and age. However, before the show we got to ask this new talent a few questions about not only her musical style and influences, but what she plans to give to Denver, a city that has given her so much.

Photo Courtesy of Lulu Clair

Photo Courtesy of Lulu Clair

303 Magazine: So I know you left Colorado to go the the Bay Area, but then you came back. What spawned those decisions?

Povi: When I left Colorado, I had just gone through going to five high schools, I was dating a guy who was in prison, all my friends were either dead or in jail, I had just gone through so much shit in my younger years, I just couldn’t be there anymore because I didn’t have a positive base anymore. So I went to the Bay Area and stayed out there for four years, and loved it. I really found myself and created an identity that I wanted and that I knew I could have. When I came back [to Colorado], I was scared that I would fall into the same routine but I ended up meeting some really positive artistic people. One of them definitely being Lulu Claire [Povi’s maganer] because she is just such a rock and I take her opinion more seriously than anyone’s. Other than my mom, of course.

303: So if you “blow up” as they say, will you stay in Denver?

P: Absolutely, the thing about Denver is one, it’s so beautiful, it has amazing seasons, the people are incredible, my mom is here and I want to give back to my community and the schools here. Education is super important to me, once I make a lot of money, I want to give back to the low income schools, because that’s where I went when I was younger.

303: I have listened to some of your music, and can’t quite put my finger on the genre. Can you help me out?

P: Yeah genres are a weird thing, I’ve always been like what the fuck is my music , of course it’s easy to say R&B or hip-hop or whatever , but when I really break it down, my roots and my voice comes from soul music, that’s where I learned how to sing, it was directly through soul music. Then when I make music, I was like ok, I know these rappers and hip-hop artists, I can do hooks on their shit. Then when I did my own music, a lot more pop influence was coming, so it’s like a pop-soul… I think.

303: So I know some artists don’t like comparing themselves to others, but if you wanted to…

P: Well sometimes people look at me are like you look like Miley Cyrus, and I’m like what the fuck..

303: Haha yeah you don’t want that.

P: No.

I don’t know, I think artists that I admire in a huge way would be Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone, Anderson Paak, Kalani. Man, there’s a lot of really good artists out there, hopefully they compare me with good ones haha.

Povi performs at Red Bull Sound Select Presents at the Gothic Theater. Photos by McKenzie Coyle

Povi performs at Red Bull Sound Select Presents at the Gothic Theater. Photos by McKenzie Coyle

303: What’s the first CD you ever bought?

P: Oooooh, this is gonna sound so lame but I’m pretty sure it was a Fiona Apple CD called Tidal. But I was also obsessed with Christina Aguilera when I was little. I cannot stop listening to Smino, Mick Jenkins. I have just fallen back in love with hip-hop, I think it’s been getting so fucking good again.

303: What can we expect for the future for you?

P: We are justing gearing up to try and tour, I love connecting with people who want to perform, I fucking love it. We are getting offers for tours but we are holding out to go with the best option for us. Other than that, I suppose just make more music.

Look out for Povi at venues or maybe walking down the sidewalk all over Denver. You can also view her latest and greatest music video “Minnesota” filmed right in Denver here.

Povi at Cosmic Collective in Boulder

Povi at Cosmic Collective in Boulder