Q&A – Charlie Price on 10 Years of the DFW Hair Show


Ten years ago, what started out as a simple idea to bring Denver salons together for a single night event has transformed into Colorado’s largest fashion show with multiple nights showcasing local designers, stylists, models, boutiques, and talent to bring together the fashion community. Yes, we are in fact talking about Denver Fashion Weekend (DFW). DFW will return to Denver next month on November 10 with our coveted Hair Show being on November 13. The Hair show has become a great spectacle on the last night of DFW featuring everything from sky-high hair to models on stilts. The Hair Show and DFW have always been sponsored by Schomp Automotive and this season is particularly special as it marks the 10 year anniversary of the Hair Show. To commemorate, we decided to talk specifically to the head man behind the scenes to get an inside look. Charlie Price, a hair genius, has been in the business for over 30  years, appeared on the reality tv show Shear Genius and has remained alongside DFW as the runway producer from the beginning. We caught up with Price to pick his brain about The Hair Show.

Charlie Price at the DFW Spring 2016 Awards
Charlie Price at the DFW Spring 2016 Awards

303: How would you describe DFW’s Hair show to someone who’s never experienced it?

Charlie Price: DFW is a glimpse of the fashion scene here in Denver and beyond. You will see it all, local designers, boutiques, national designers and it all ends with one of the best independent hair shows in the USA!

303: Can you share how The Hair Show came to be?

CP: AB and I wanted to create an atmosphere where salons could come together and show their work in its finest most expressive and uncensored way. A show for the public not about selling product lines but about the Mile High beauty community uniting. It took off and here we are!

303: How many salons were involved then vs now?

CP: We had five to 10 the first humble season. This 10 Year Anniversary Hair Show will feature a whopping 21 salon segments!

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303: Did you ever imagine DFW and The Hair Show would become as large and well-known as it is?

CP: I hoped it would. We kept slowly building on the local enthusiasm we saw from the first show. It’s a fun, exciting way to come together as a “scene.”  I am proud of what we have built, and I look forward to the next phase of growth as we continue to improve and refine the quality of the show and add more national brands.

303: Can you give us a glimpse of what planning DFW looks like?

CP: No! It can’t be explained. It’s heaven. It’s a nightmare! A bazillion details, a difficult birth each time but well worth the trouble.

303: What is your absolute favorite part about The Hair Show?

CP: The camaraderie and freedom that the hairdressers have at this event are my favorite things to watch. New friendships are forged and our beauty community is strengthened because of it.

303: Are there any surprises in store for the 10 Year Anniversary Hair Show?

CP: Always. I just can’t say what they are!


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