Despite how long summer nights and even earlier mornings can be hard on sleep schedules, Denver ranks above the rest of the country in time slept, coming in at an average of six hours and 31 minutes.

According to a study conducted by Sleep Number using their SleepIQ®  technology, users nationwide averaged six hours and five minutes of restful sleep per night in the month of August last year. That puts studied Denverites 26 minutes above the mean.

As far as the rest of the country is concerned, the eastern United States isn’t getting as much quality sleep. Sleep Number found the West Coast is better slept than the East. Salt Lake City came in second for best-slept, while Chicago and Miami residents have the least amount of restful time spent in bed.

Nationwide, people tend to get more sleep in the fall. Sleep Number found that average sleep times reach upward of seven hours a night by October.

Don’t think you fall into the well-slept category? Sleep Number has these tips to better your resting routine.

Quantity and quality. At least seven-and-a-half hours of restful sleep every night is required in order for sleep to be completely beneficial. Try to make sure your carving out enough time for your eights hours of rest even if you’re spending a night out on the town or going on vacation.

Put down the espresso. If you’re addicted to your afternoon latte, you might want to think twice. Drinking coffee even as early as 3 p.m. means that caffeine will still be in your system come bedtime. If you’re sleeping with it in your system, your night’s rest is void of the full benefits you should be enjoying.

Keep it cool. Lower temperatures make for better sleep, so think about turning on a fan or leaving the window open as fall nights are right around the corner.

Keep it dark. Be sure to turn off the lights, close the drapes and maybe even invest in an eye mask if you want the best rest your body deserves.

Keep it quiet. Shut off the TV and take out your headphones before hitting the sheets. White noise machines also help to mask any background noise.

Turn off your phone early. No matter how much you want to scroll through Facebook before calling it a night, it’s important to appreciate that sitting on your phone can disrupt your sleep. The emitted light and the content both lead to a ‘racing mind.’

Get comfortable. Curl up in a comfy bed with a few of your favorite pillows to yield best results.