Bass Heads rejoice with the announcement of another huge dubstep show this summer. As if the fans didn’t get enough raging in at Vertex and Bass Center, UK DJ’s Caspa & Rusko make their Denver debut this Saturday for what’s sure to be a must see performance by the two legendary producers. Fans of dubstep need no introduction, as these are two of the original pioneers responsible for blowing this genre into the mainstream.

With a bountiful list of hits and heavy UK Bass, fans are psyched to have the iconic duo throwing down an epic b2b set at Denver’s Cervantes Masterpiece on Aug 13, 2016.  Fresh off the release of a brand new EP called EP1, the two headliners come together for a huge collaboration in the electronic world. The three songs on the EP include “Fruity Loops,” “Arms House” and “Brixton Blow Out” — so definitely look for the duo to throw those tracks down this Saturday, along with a slew of older solo hits.


Fans can thank Sub.Mission for presenting the show and Cervantes for hosting it. With a sound big enough for a large festival setting, you can expect the smaller venue to get pretty wild during these epic dubstep sets. Openers for the night include Dayquill, RumbleJunkie, ServOne, Subliminal, Bean and Thanom. Denver already has a huge love for electronic music and these are two of the best — so expect a night full of sweaty dancing and an unmatched energy of pure love for the music. Tickets capped out at $40 dollars but have since been completely sold out. However, if you are willing to pay a little above face value for your spot in the show, the last few tickets can be purchased here.