This Week In Concerts – ODESZA, Steely Dan and More

With the summer now really heating up, so is the Red Rocks calendar. Everyone’s favorite venue this week has got something from a variety of genres and generations. If you have yet to make a Red Rocks night this summer, this may be your week that it happens. In addition, we also have the endless in-city lineup that Denver never fails to give year round.

Monday, June 13th

Even from the prospective of a younger generation, Steely Dan has one of those sounds that cannot be denied. The duo’s universal easy rock makes listening a breeze and will put anyone in a better place, especially standing with your friends at the rocks. Their jazz and rock fusion has no doubt carried over time and with hits like “Dirty Work,” “Do It Again”  and “Reelin In The Years”  this show will make everyone’s Monday better.

Tuesday, June 14th

Electronic Tuesday Featuring Yeti w/ Dillard and Gloominati @ Cervantes Other Side

Wednesday, June 15th

Caravan Palace for sure wins the award for most unique concert of the week. A self-described electro-swing band from Paris, this seven-piece band will sound like a house DJ at first, but then turn into something from a dance club that has traveled back to the 30’s to just give old time swingers a little extra bass. Even though they are already very popular in their home country, I cannot sit here and tell you that I have seen this group live or that I know a lot about them, but I can tell you it looks undeniably interesting and that you won’t be doing anything better this Wednesday night.

Thursday, June 16th

DevotchKa with the Colorado Symphony @ Red Rocks

Friday, June 17th

As the weekend comes, so does the big time Red Rock veteran Gramatik. This Slovenian-born producer/DJ can be found constantly touring around The US and Europe with his electro-hip hop sound that has become more and more popular over the years. If you were around for his insane “Blizzmatik” show last year, where a late May blizzard cut his show short, then you must come back for redemption for this is guaranteed to be a good time.

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Blue October @ The Ogden

Cam’ron, The Underachievers, G Herb, Smake DZA and Nyck Caution @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Saturday, June 18th

Featured as one of 303’s top shows to catch at Red Rocks this season, ODEZSA is finally headlining the Rocks after giving an amazing opening set for Chromeo last summer. Still riding the wave from their 2014 breakthrough album In Return, the Seattle duo gave everyone a whole new side to electronic dance music, mixing live drums with beautiful live synth and voice samples. Catch this one or be very sorry for it, no matter your age or taste in music.

Also see:
Tiger Army @ Summit Music Hall

Sunday, June 19th

Bob Dylan and His Band

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