On May 23, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) kicked off their month long exhibition, #TakeMeAnywhere. Popular actor Shia LaBeouf along with Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, started the exhibition at noon on May 23 with tweeting #TakeMeAnywhere and their current coordinates. Anyone near the coordinates can pick up the trio and take them anywhere. According to Time, the first stop was lunch at Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons.

Many fans rushed to the restaurant to meet LaBeouf. In an interview with Time, fan Brandon Glanton revealed some of LaBeouf’s motives for the project.

“He was saying that if he’s a mirror that puts out good, then good will reflect back to him,” Glanton said.  

The project is sponsored by BMoCA, Vice and The Finnish Institute in London. In an interview with Vice, LaBeouf said the project was about “making friends” and “finding meaning.” The BMoCA exhibition description states “The American road trip has long been symbolic of a collective yearning to seek out beauty and truth within a corrupt nation. As part of MediaLive 2016’s theme on corruption, #TAKEMEANYWHERE asks, can we find such truths within the corrupted networks of society, and preserve something of the utopian naivety of the Internet age?”

The exhibition will last until June 23. See the latest coordinates here and follow their journey here.

You can replicate his journey so far by ordering his order, according to Time, of coffee, enchiladas and sweet potato fries at Oskar Blues.