Colorado’s pride Leftover Salmon has sold out the Stanley Hotel for three shows this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For those out there lucky enough to have snagged a ticket, Jeff Coffin and Erik Deutsch will be in attendance.


Photo courtesy of Leftover Salmon

The Stanley Hotel, kept tucked into the beautiful mountains of Estes Park, CO, is the infamous hotel that sparked the twisted thoughts of Stephen King to form The Shining. Ticket holders of the 3-night pass are invited to stick around after the show for a few late night performances; with Gyspy Moon on Friday, Alwyn Robinson on Saturday and Vince Herman on Sunday.

According to the band’s website, there are more treats to be had. On Saturday, fans can catch a “Mystery Matinee Show” with an unannounced guest performing. Also, there will be a “Jazz Brunch,” complete with a Bloody Mary bar and music by Greg Garrison.

Leftover Salmon is one of the most treasured pieces in the Colorado Bluegrass scene, so kudos to those who grabbed tickets early. For those who didn’t, it is time to scour the internet for the cheapest option, as you will not want to miss this jam-packed weekend.