After the holidays, cold outdoor activities and not taking care of our body as much as we all should have, we’re all due for a little pampering. With so many options in Denver, how does one choose? In my mind, I want to try them all. Everywhere offers a different experience, specializes in particular services, plus it’s fun to check out new salons – including Glamour Bar.

Open about six months, Glamour Bar is a hidden gem in the Beauvallon building on Lincoln and 9th Avenue. Areas of service include the Hair Bar (haircuts, blowouts, hair treatments, etc.), the Nail Bar (traditional or gel/shellac polish) and the Lash Bar, which is why I visited Glamour Bar.

For those of you who’ve been contemplating lash extensions for months, even years, I did the same thing. After buying dozens of those horrid stick-on lashes, it was time to try out a longer lasting solution.

Here are 5 reasons to try lash extensions:

It’s so easy.

The term “eyelash extensions” might sound like they have to sow something onto your lashes or lids, but it’s actually super easy. A super strong adhesive glues the synthetic lashes individually to your real lashes, about 60-80 per eye.

It’s pain-free.

My eyes are super sensitive, so I was definitely worried about my eyes watering while getting these extensions done. But, I just laid there the entire time with my eyes closed and they weren’t irritated, bothered or in any pain.

Before (left)  and after (right)

Before (left) and after (right)

It’s super relaxing.

If you’ve heard much about eyelash extensions, you know that it takes time–about two hours. I couldn’t imagine not being able to look at my phone for that long, but it was actually nice to be dislocated from it, close my eyes and have no worries while getting my lashes done.

You can get pampered during those 2 hours.

While getting my lashes done, I also got a gel manicure. Let me tell you: There’s nothing more relaxing than getting a manicure done with your eyes closed. It sounds weird, but you feel like a queen laying there and having two people work on you at once.

It’s comfortable at Glamour Bar.

Part of getting these extensions means having to lay still, not blink much or open your eyes at all. At Glamour Bar, there’s a separate room where you lay down on a super comfortable lounging chair, away from the rest of the salon. It’s private, so you can cuddle up with a blanket, while also not being distracted.

Get your lashes looking fabulous at Glamour Bar!