Snow boots: They’re big, bulky and oftentimes necessary in Colorado, especially since it seems our sidewalks don’t even get shoveled anymore. But even though these heavy boots are required in our unpredictable winters, there are plenty of options for boots that are fashionable, while also keeping you on your feet.

Here are 5 pairs of snow boots that are stylish, yet effective:

KEEN Elsa WP Boot

  • $129.95

If you’re looking for snow boots that get so much attention that you almost need to bring flyers with you about where to buy them, these are the boots for you. I purchased these early this season and I’m asked about them at least five times a day when I wear them. They’re colorful, super comfortable and they bring some fashion to my feet while braving the storm to walk my dog.

SOREL Slimpack Riding


  • $210.00

If you want to shy away from the look of snow boots, the riding boot style is the way to go. There are plenty of brands that carry this style, however, SOREL does it best. These boots will keep you dry, warm and you can wear them with most outfits.

UGG Australia ‘Cecile’ Waterproof Boot


  • $169.95

These might be UGGs, which most Coloradans make fun of, but these aren’t the typical pair of UGGs. These are probably what alpaca farmers wear – or some other super cool animal tamer. Either way, they’re super durable and they’re leather, so you know they’ll only get better with age.


SOREL ‘Out N About’ Leather Boot

sorel 2

  • $109.95

Want snow boots that don’t weigh you down the whole time you’re wearing them? These “Out N About” boots are perfect for running errands, wearing in the mountains or even going out in the city. These also don’t look like your typical snow boot, but you can still walk through the snow like you at least look like you know what you’re doing.

Santana Canada ‘Melita’ Waterproof Boot

santana 2

  • $238.95

This might sound weird, but the work book look is actually trending right now. I’m not talking about construction work boot – I’m talking ‘urban man, with a full grown beard and flannel’ type of work boot. Match your man’s trendy look with these super cool, and tall, waterproof boots.