When you live in downtown Denver, the luxury of having inner city grocery stores and shopping makes one never want to leave–besides heading to the mountains for vigorous activities, of course. Boutiques can be found all over, varying from women’s to men’s and even shoe stores. But if there’s one continuous thing about fashion, it’s that it doesn’t only exist in one city.

Ten years ago, maybe even five, people might have thought that Boulder boutiques consisted of Crocs, cargo shorts and flannel. But times have changed and some of the best shopping can be found throughout the city in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado.

Here are 3 Boulder boutiques you definitely need to start shopping at:

Cedar & Hyde Mercantile

courtesy of Cedar & Hyde

courtesy of Cedar & Hyde

  • 2015 10th Street, Boulder

For those who enjoy shopping at boutiques, we oftentimes get stuck with two options: cheap, meaning made poorly, or overpriced, meaning out of our means. Luckily, we don’t always have to buy cheap or too expensive, as there are some boutiques that focus on quality and reality – like Cedar & Hyde Mercantile. Sure, there are designs sold here that are on the pricier side, but this kind of shopping is for pieces that you’ll wear over and over.

The denim is neat. The dresses are spectacular. And everything else is simply a bonus. This shop has everything from staple pieces for your closet to home items, mixed within the perfect gift for anyone, plus more. Basically you can shop head-to-toe here, without breaking the bank, all while standing out. Think Urban Outfitters, but crafted for the Colorado urbanite with local contributors and less fast fashion.




courtesy of Willow

  • 2595 Canyon Boulevard, Boulder

From emerging designers to longtime favorites, Willow is one of Boulder’s best women’s fashion boutiques–and it’s even competing with those located in Denver. Willow is where you go for an outfit that’ll fit any occasion. If you’re looking for a special dress for an event, you can find that here. Need a staple sweater and a great pair of jeans? You can also find those here.

What’s great about Willow is that it has the brands we love: Halston, Mackage, Splendid… But this shop doesn’t feel stuffy, as the fashion is welcoming. You can find something under $100, including some leather booties, or you can splurge on Closed Lizzy Denim for about $300. Boulder vibes with SoCal slash NYC style makes for an ideal shopper’s experience.


Nod + Rose

courtesy of Nod + Rose

courtesy of Nod + Rose

  • 1220 Spruce Street, Boulder

For a more eclectic experience with well curated fashion for both men and women, Nod + Rose on Spruce Street is our final stop through Boulder. This place is cozy enough to read a book in the sitting area, while being captivating enough to not want to stop looking around. Husband and wife duo Nod Norkus and Elizabeth Rose own this shop that offers a wide variety of labels from one of our favorite brands, Scotch & Soda, to designers they found while on a scouting trip to NYC.

The jewelry table is as fun as a block party, showcasing natural pieces from Elle Jay and contemporary rings you’ll want to wear everyday. From appropriate work attire to something that expresses your style off the clock, Nod + Rose has a balance that we love, as you can hear straight from them: “We promote a lifestyle of hanging with great friends, seeing and/or playing live music as often as possible and reaping all the sweet benefits of this quiet yet cosmopolitan mountain town.”