It’s hard to believe that Christmas is next week, right? In fact, Christmas Eve is one week from today. Where did the year go?

If you don’t have a gift for everyone on your list yet, you’re running out of time. But sometimes procrastination shopping is the most successful, which is why today we’re letting you in on five gifts that are easy to purchase and are fairly priced, not to mention they’re all perfect for that gal or guy on your list.

Here are 5 fashion subscriptions for the fashionable loved ones on your list:


courtesy of Fabletics

courtesy of Fabletics

  • $49.95/month

There’s nothing more motivating than stylish workout clothing, am I right? Get the athletic–or soon to be athletic–guy or girl on your list a membership of hot workout outfits. The subscription is $49.95 per month and the subscriber can choose the outfit they want to receive. They can spend more for extra pieces, such as a sports bra or jacket. But everything is hand-picked to ensure they love it and will wear it. Plus, the first outfit is just $25. Way to go, Kate Hudson! We love Fabletics.

Her Fashion Box

courtesy of Her Fashion Box

courtesy of Her Fashion Box

  • $40/month

Don’t know what to get the self-proclaimed “fashionista” on your list? How about a bunch of things? Her Fashion Box is a fun way to get her a bunch of little things including: two to three on-trend fashion accessories, four beauty and lifestyle deluxe samples and one Her Fashion magazine. You can get her a one-month subscription for $40, or go all out and purchase a three-month subscription for only $100. She’ll definitely remember this gift–at least for three months.


courtesy of Birchbox

courtesy of Birchbox

  • $10/month

If the gals and guys on your list love beauty and skincare products, look no further than Birchbox. This subscription has become exceedingly popular in the last couple of years, providing a handful of samples and even a full-size product every month. It’s super inexpensive at just $10 per month, or you can purchase special edition boxes for about $20-$50. This is an awesome gift because it’s perfect for those who love beauty, hair and skincare products, and it’s also only $10.


courtesy of RocksBox

courtesy of RocksBox

  • $19/month

Know someone that loves jewelry? First of all, who doesn’t. But second of all, it’s hard to know what kind of jewelry to get someone. If they don’t like it, they feel bad…but they still don’t like it. Instead of picking one thing, let their style pick and they’ll get three items, which is about $200 of jewelry for only $19 per month. She can send back whatever she doesn’t like, or she can keep the pieces for however long she wants.



If you’re looking for a gift that keeps giving every month, go for a magazine subscription. Make sure the person on your list doesn’t already have that subscription or else they’ll have double every month–but it’s an inexpensive gift that provides months of entertainment, tips and gossip for only about $10-$40 a year, depending on the magazine.

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