5 Spells and Remedies to Ring in the Winter Season

This winter, being witchy is all the rage from spooky music and unusual jewelry to witch-themed literature and movies. To get in touch with your pagan side, try some of these cool and cozy spells and remedies to ring in the winter season.

These will help keep your house comfy, make sure there’s a significant other by your side, keep colds and the winter blues at bay, and insure that you ace those finals so you can enjoy the winter season. But do they really work?

That’s a matter only a true witch can tell, but at the very least you’ll be filled to the brim with positive energy and smell like candles and oil all winter. Here are a few of the best spells to make sure your winter gets off on the right track.

1. Smudge your house to keep good energy going.


One of the things about winter that can be either a curse or a blessing is the fact that you are going to spend a lot of time in your living quarters. If you have someone to snuggle with, or if you love your home and enjoy being cozy and warm all winter, this can be great. However, in reality some of us have pesky roommates or small and uninspiring spaces to work with, and inevitably find ourselves dreaming about warm weather and the kiss of sun on our face.

Well, like it or not that space is yours for the next few months, so it’s essential to make it as inviting and cozy as possible. Stockpile lots of blankets, candles and incense to cultivate an atmosphere of mystery and excitement alongside comfort. You can also use a smudge to spread good energy throughout your house.

This bundle of herbs can be bought at most shops that sell incense or mystical items. Simply set the smudge on fire and walk around the house as is burns, thinking positive thoughts. This is meant to drive out negative energy, and whether you believe in that or not at the very least you will end up with a house that smells nice.

2. Use these remedies to avoid cough and cold.


Another harsh reality of staying inside all winter is that you are likely to develop at least one nasty cold during the cold season, especially if you live with a roommates or partner, or if you are in close quarters with people at school or work. In addition to getting your flu shot, eating well and stocking up on medicines and vitamins, you can also try these home remedies to keep sickness away.

Boil water and add eucalyptus oil to create a hot compress. Dip a wash cloth in this mixture and lay with the cloth over your face to relieve congestion. You can also boil ginger, garlic and honey in some water to create a soothing broth that will help keep you from getting a cold. If you do get sick, try sniffing a sliced-open horseradish root or eating spicy foods to keep the sniffles under control.

3. Stay cheerful with this good spirits spell.


In addition to going stir crazy and getting sick, staying inside all winter and not seeing the sun can depress us. Try to stay busy and active to keep the winter blues away and make the most of the lovely Colorado winter by skiing or snowboarding during the cold months. However, if that doesn’t work, you can also try surrounding yourself with sun imagery to help boost your spirits.

Find a yellow citrine crystal to replace the sun and act as your central point of warmth. Rub bergamot oil on your crystal and light a yellow candle or two in the same area. Think positive thoughts while doing this, and carry the crystal around with you when you have positive interactions or do something you enjoy. If nothing else, all this glowing yellow imagery will trick your brain into thinking you are seeing the sun, and the positive thinking will set you on the right track to get rid of your winter blues.

4. Try this “spell” before finals for a confidence boost.


At the same time as we are all cooped up, we also put a bunch of pressure on ourselves to be successful, as we focus on finals and cram for exams, or get stressed out about a busy retail season before the Holidays.

Try dabbing some lavender oil on your wrists before a big test or while writing, and sniff it any time you feel stuck or distracted. This will help with concentration. Try to also get outside of your home, work and school and spend some time in nature while in the heart of your cram or work sessions. This will help ground you and connect you to the earth, and it will also remind you of how big our world is, taking a little bit of stress away from everyday activities.

5. Cast a spell to bring love to your side.


Lastly, you may struggle with love during the winter months, your partner and you are stuck in the house together and start to bicker, or you are single and having a hard time meeting someone only leaving the house once a week and bundled up completely. If this is the case, try putting rose and lavender oils in your bath before bed.

Once in the tub, repeat a chant about love, read a romantic book, write poetry or even watch your favorite romantic film. Putting these thought associations into motion and smelling great will help attract a mate, or will help bring you closer to the one you already have.

DISCLAIMER: These spells and remedies are just for fun, and are in no way guaranteed to achieve these things for you. They should be used in conjunction with other measures to help center and ground you and aid in cultivating a positive mindset.

Source: HighSpirit Magazine, Inbaal Psychic

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