The summer season may be over but we’re still a month away from the real cold weather. The in-between temperature of fall can confuse any wardrobe, and picking out the right jacket or pair of shoes for a chilly morning that turns into a mid-70 degree day involves more than just hoping for a spot of sun on your walk home.
Layering is essential and can include most if not all of your favorite summer pieces you’re not ready to put away yet. Below are seven ways to layer your clothes and work your wardrobe all week long.

7 Summer to Fall Layers

1. Staple Leather Jacket

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A favorite floral summer dress is an easy outfit during the hotter months but can work just as well this fall with a few extra layers. Balancing out the bright colors is easy with a few key pieces, specifically a leather jacket. A cropped style keeps things modern and a fun lace up flat adds a little feminine edge to the overall look. Don’t be afraid to play with a few different styles of dresses. A leather jacket in black or a dark brown is your best friend for layering your dresses as is and then with tights later in the year.

2. Ruana


It’s like a scarf but even better (and bigger). A ruana is a perfect layer over your favorite jeans or a dress and also keeps that favorite tank top out and about with ease. Finding a neutral is a great way to work it into your every day wear but a pop of pattern is a fun alternative to your fall wardrobe. The addition of clogs and a hat will bring together any ruana of your choice.

3. Skirt with Sweater


A summer skirt is both flattering and flowy but with a cropped sweater and booties it can create a look all its own this fall. Try mixing up your look with color blocking or a pair of high socks to balance out the look on colder days. Maroon or a darker color are great colors this fall, and paired with a casual sweater or button up your wardrobe will offer more without having to spend the extra cash.

4. Summer Dress With Cardigan


Have a fun going out or summer wedding dress that you’re not sure how to wear again? The combination of a casual sweater is perfect for layering with a scarf and looks even better paired with a formal dress and boots. Find a necklace that brings the look together but doesn’t seem too dressy for a week day. Mixing materials and patterns are easy ways to layer anything this season.

5. Top Over Maxi Dress


A favorite maxi dress goes a long way, and finding ways to work it into your fall wardrobe is simple with a few extra layers. A cropped silk top or other materials are great for balancing the length of the skirt without the bulk. Pops of colors do wonders with a simple style but opting for a simple shirt over a patterned maxi can work just as well with the right details. Flats and booties will also take the look from summer to fall with ease.

6. Pants Under Dress With Belt


A tunic is a great summer staple but may be an even better under layer this fall with jeans and a pair of wedges. For the styles that require a little extra cinch, try adding a belt or cropped jacket to balance it out. To make the look work ready, wedges are a great option but switching it to an ankle boot or flats will leave you with more than one way to wear it. Keep in mind the length of the top but you can even try rolling the jeans to get a little extra balance from top to bottom.

7. Romper With Jacket


This option typically won’t last as long but for a few extra weeks, a romper with a squared jacket is a fun modern twist to shorts and scarf combinations. A casual option works great paired with a blazer or sweater and will leave you feeling refreshed in either a shorts or pants romper style. Mixing colors with a pair of nude flats is an easy choice on a hot day and can easily be transformed to the afternoon heat without hassle.