Fall comes every year, and yet every time it rolls around it’s like we’ve all forgotten how to layer our clothes, tame our hair or alter our makeup for the autumnal palette.

To be fair, it’s as though once we’re all finally getting the hang of our summer looks, we have to change everything. But being a woman doesn’t have to be as exhausting as all that sounds. Rather than stressing it, take some help from the pros.

Here are the ten best hair and beauty tips for this fall, brought to you by the experts at LoCKs Studio.



1. There are a few reasons why braids are always a good idea this time of year. For one, they convey a cozy, ski-town aesthetic. But more importantly, they disguise your greasy roots that you’re too lazy to wash in the colder months. What’s more, sometimes slightly dirty hair is even better for braiding.

LoCKs experts say: Learn to do the big, fat, stretched-out braids that are all over Pinterest. Pictorial here.






Photo courtesy of LoCKs Studio

Photo courtesy of LoCKs Studio


2. Summer gets a glow, while winter time equals red lips. But what’s a girl to do during fall? The answer is neutral tones on the eyelids.

LoCKs experts say: You can’t go wrong with a warm, neutral eye in the fall. We love the Supernatural pallet by LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs. It’s vegan- and talc-free. The pigments are amazing and they’re easy to blend, so even the most novice makeup junkie can successfully play with these shadows.






courtesy of flickr

3. Want to pump up your hair color without doing too much damage or making too drastic of a change? Then glosses or glazes are right up your alley.

LoCKs experts say: Color glossing or glaze is a great way to liven up faded summer highlights and color for fall. Glosses are usually fairly rich in hydration to restore some of the luster summer sun can strip from your color. They’re also generally translucent so you can still see a lot of dimension. We use Paul Mitchell’s PM Shines to depend and tone down our guests for fall.




courtesy of L’Anza


4. I’m not saying you should regret the countless dips into chlorinated water, or the hours upon hours spent baking in the sun, but if we’re both being honest right now, how good does your hair feel? Yeah, summertime is all fun and games until your hair dries out.

LoCKs experts say: A good conditioning treatment is a must to repair summer damage and prep your hair for colder weather. L’Anza Emergency Repair is a great treatment for your hair if you’ve had a little too much fun in the sun. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment is a great way to revitalize your scalp to prepare your skin for cooler temperatures ahead. Both are offered at LoCKs Studio.





Courtesy of Maybelline

5. Speaking of dryness, if all Coloradans can agree on anything, it’s that we might be the one state where people finish an entire tube of chapstick on a regular basis. If the thought of putting on lipstick (or even, heaven forbid, matte lipstick) sends a chill down your spine, then balm is the product for you.

LoCKs experts say: A tinted lip balm is a must. Dips in temperatures can sap the moisture from your skin and lips. We love Maybelline’s Baby Lips. A lot of bang for your buck and a great color selection for just enough color and hydration in one. Plus they smell great!





courtesy of Tarte’s Best

6. Once the leaves start changing and layers have to be piled on by the pound, sometimes it’s hard to feel as feminine as you might during warmer months. Well, if eyes are a window to your soul, then framing those eyes in a luscious fringe is a great way to shout to the world that you are still a beautiful woman underneath all of that fleece.

LoCKs experts say: Something about chunky sweaters and cozy boots just calls for some pretty lashes. We are loving Tarte’s Best in Faux False Fiber Mascara. The fiber cling to your mascara to build a TON of volume. They’re much easier to apply than falsies since they go on just like mascara and give a noticeable boost to wimpy lashes.








7. You trade in your summer moisturizer, hair products and wardrobe for cold weather alternatives once fall comes around. Why should your foundation be any different?

LoCKs experts say: Change out your foundation. What works in the summer is not likely to work when the leaves change and fall settles in. In the fall and winter you will most likely want a foundation with a little more coverage and hydration. And unless you’re religious about the spray tans you’ll probably need a lighter shade as well.





8. Not a fan of the super-sculpted trend of contouring? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Instead, opt for contouring’s more subtle sister, highlighting.

LoCKs experts say: Learn the art of highlighting even if you’re terrified of contouring. Highlighting is easy. Swipe the tops of your cheek bones, the center of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes with a powder highlight and you’ll instantly look dewy, which is much harder to come by naturally in the fall.








courtesy of Makeup Alley

9. Don’t let winter weather get the best of you. There’s gorgeous skin underneath your wind-battered face. Scrub it free.

LoCKs experts say: Exfoliate. The best way to keep your skin from getting dry and flaky as the colder weather moves in is to keep dead skin cells from building up. We love Arbonne’s New Cell Scrub. We can feel an immediate difference in the smoothness of our skin, but it’s gentle enough for once daily use even on sensitive skin. This is available at LoCKs.







LoCKs Studio


10. Every girl knows that there are some things in her beauty repertoire that are totally timeless. Red lipstick, for instance. Bold brows, of course. Those surfer-girl waves from your summer routine? They’re classic as well.

LoCKs experts say: Just because summer is over doesn’t mean beach waves are going anywhere.