It’s easy to see the signs. What was once a far away dream will be here within a month and we can’t be more ready. We may be soaking up the rest of summer but there’s no denying the anticipation of the falling leaves decorating our streets. Some will go in search of the changing Aspen’s or light that new season candle but the real countdown can be seen on the people around you.

Samples of this fall’s favorite pieces have found their way into our wardrobe even against the heat of August. Perhaps it’s the fact that the season is too short or that it’s one month closer to the holidays but when we see layers of chunky sweaters and a chilly afternoon breeze, it changes a person. Starbucks knows it and so does college football. Below are five signs that you’re ready for the change too.

1. You find ways to wear scarves everyday.


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Wearing your favorite summer frock feels even better when layered with a scarf. That tank top and shorts look of the weekend as well. June and July were off limits but the heat doesn’t stop you anymore. The extra layer is not only well worth the sweat but creates a whole new look you can’t wear any other time of the year.

2. Sweaters are taking place of cardigans.

Everyone loves a good cardigan but the bulkiness of a cozy sweater looks just as good piled over a dress or with a pair of pants. The looser the better and these wonderful articles of wool and fleece are already staring at you from inside your closet. Even if your dress is a light fabric, the cold breeze of a morning commute will welcome this fall staple with open arms.

 3. Boots have slowly found their way into your weekly wear.


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Sandals are still around but the appeal of an ankle boot has left you finding the alternative very tempting. No matter if it’s 85 degrees and 100% chance of sunshine, the option to bring out your new favorite leather booties is hard to pass up. Not only do they get you ready for socks and scarves season, they accentuate the beauty of a womans leg in the perfect way.

4. Your coffee choice matches your outfit.

A tank top and skater skirt match that iced Americano you’ve been ordering on your morning coffee run. However, in the last few weeks you’ve started switching it out for a hot drink to compliment that new shirt dress you bought. Even though you can’t wear it with tights for another few months, a bare leg on a hot day will balance out the warm and fuzzy feeling we all get this time of year.

5. The color of the leaves have changed with your clothes palette.


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Pinks, whites and brights aren’t gone yet but the yellows and oranges of tomorrow are quickly finding their place. Even if it’s just an accent piece, the time has come again for the leaf to look combination and you have found yourself doing it even if it’s unplanned. The abundance of color is undeniable all over town amid our jackets and season wear.