Art is a journey of color, light and texture. Dave Reiter is one such artist that only enhances this journey by the way he conceptualizes his vision. It is his use and combination of many different mediums that ultimately allow his work to reach a level of visual intensity. “Oils are my main medium of choice, but I love to mix multiple mediums in all of my paintings. I have used oils, acrylic, charcoal, inks, conte and sometimes even objects to create my pieces,” smiles Reiter. “Someone once asked me, “How do you know what mediums to use since you don’t consistently apply the same mediums in every painting?” My reply was that my paintings are about texture and visual layers so this ends up driving which mediums I use in each piece. It really ends up depending on the goals of the painting and the desired end results,” Reiter states and continues “In the end, the paintings tend to have a tactile quality about them, almost a three-dimensional feel but on a two-dimensional surface.”

"Living Near The Rock" - Mixed Media - Dave Reiter

“Living Near The Rock” – Mixed Media – Dave Reiter

“Living Near the Rock” is the featured commemorative poster for the Colorado Art Festival in Castle Rock. “When I considered making this particular painting I wanted to create something that I felt contained the essence of living in Castle Rock.” Reiter has lived near Castle Rock for 25 years. “Keeping with my signature style which includes layers of texture, I combine a landscape with abstract elements scattered throughout the piece. The viewer will notice this painting contains three things that are unique to Castle Rock. The first is obviously that it is a painting of Castle Rock itself taken from the view off Plum Creek Parkway. The second is that the painting contains a star, which is symbolic of the traditional “Lighting of the Star” that takes place every year around Thanksgiving. The third element that people will notice is that there is not only an image of the railroad leading up to Castle Rock but the background contains a front view of the railroad, tracks, ties and gravel. All of these elements speak to what it is like to “Live Near the Rock,” thus the title of the painting.”

"Aspen Trio" - Mixed Media - Dave Reiter

“Aspen Trio” – Mixed Media – Dave Reiter

Like many artists Reiter can remember that he loved the arts from a young age. “In grade school I would draw and paint like most kids but it was in middle school that I really took an interest and began taking electives in art. My creative style flourished as I went into high school. I had been given a number of awards and it was then that I decided to pursue art as a major. I went to the Art Institute in Colorado as a graphic designer, but about eight years ago I returned to the fine arts.”

Reiter’s paintings allow your mind and your soul to wander. His paintings permit the viewer to literally get lost within the imaginative layers. What keeps this artist sane? “Expanding my motifs and subject matter has done some of this,” states Reiter. “I mainly create landscape paintings with an abstract flare to them. I also enjoy creating abstracts without the landscape and recently started creating still life pieces along with a new series that features old barns. Beyond subject matter, just working in mixed media allows me to stay fresh because I am always trying new things, experimenting with new products, and techniques. I also continue to learn from workshops and books to keep me focused, fresh and creative. A combination of all of this keeps me sane.”

"Barn IV" - Mixed Media - Dave Reiter

“Barn IV” – Mixed Media – Dave Reiter

Reiter believes that it is important to find out what you want to say and do with your artistic voice, then go for it. Allow the influences from past artists to help you but find your own voice and let it be heard.

“My inspiration comes from a number of places. All of the landscape paintings are of areas that I have visited, so the inspiration starts with real locations,” states Reiter. “Something will usually grab my attention, then that will start the creative process. This can be as simple as the way the shapes within the landscape interact with each other, to the way light hits the landscape. Sometimes it is the very motif or subject matter that interests me,” Reiter pauses, takes a breath and continues “In my recent series with old barns, the inspiration comes from being raised in a rural community in Montana and growing up in a farming family. This is why the colors I have chosen to use are earthy, representing the soil, nature and all of the elements.”

"The Storyteller" - Mixed Media - Dave Reiter

“The Storyteller” – Mixed Media – Dave Reiter

Dave Reiter is pleased to be the featured artist for the Colorado Art Festival this year. Reiter is able to create specific works of art for anyone and everyone. “I stretch my own canvases and make my own support surfaces. I can create a painting in any size, from 6 inches to 8 feet and any color to fit your décor.”


To learn more about Dave Reiter visit Reiter is currently represented by Closer to the Sun Gallery of Fine Arts in Steamboat Springs, CO, There is also no time like the present to visit and experience the artwork of Dave Reiter directly at the Colorado Art Festival in Castle Rock, CO September 12th and 13th, 2015 in downtown Castle Rock. Saturday, hours are 9am-6pm and Sunday, 10am-5pm,

Become a tourist in your own state – get out and experience the arts up close and personal and then who knows, maybe you’ll even become a collector.