Om Planet: YogiNation Gains Momentum

Jennifer Lux is a curator of connection. “I am a connector at my core,” says Lux. “At every yoga studio I’ve practiced at since the late 90s, I’ve quickly gotten to know and love the owners. Working initially to promote local teacher trainings, I started supporting social media efforts and customer experience for two Denver yoga studios. I was asked to support Yoga Rocks the Park Denver in 2010, along with Friday Night Yoga Club and Colorado Yoga Events. I helped grow YRP nationally until it was sold.”

Lindsay Gonzalez helms 7/18 @ Creekside Park (image: Jennifer Retting)
Lindsay Gonzalez helms 7/18 @ Creekside Park (image: Jennifer Retting)

YogiNation, presented by, is Lux’s newest orchestration. “YogiNation is an effort to grow yoga at its core, honor local talent in the industry and promote the businesses that promote diversity in Colorado. Our social mission is to fairly and transparently compensate the talented teachers and musicians who are often asked to work ‘in trade’ or for low wages. YogiNation is a diverse event including local speakers, live musicians, wine/beer tastings, yoga, shopping and more.”

Lux and her yogi homeys launched YogiNation in June. “Justin Kaliszewski asked everyone to hug five strangers. Lizbeth Peters guided meditation. Supported handstands were a highlight. There was free beer from Oskar Blues. We had to kick everyone out of the park at noon—no one wanted to leave when the event concluded.”

Kindness Yoga instructor Lindsay Gonzalez helms the next installment, powered by River Power Vinyasa, on Saturday, July 18. “Lindsay has a true authenticity and huge heart. She reaches beyond the yoga industry to build her student base, something we aspire to do with YogiNation too. Lindsay is a team player and believes in the power of community and connection—two essential aspects of YogiNation.”

YogiNation’s second installment transpires Saturday, July 18 at Creekside Park. Stay namaste-tuned to for the down dog lowdown. Featured image courtesy Think Darryl Photography.


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