The enigma of Kylie Jenner’s lips has finally been solved. She revealed a few weeks ago that her suddenly plump lips were in fact due to injections. However, before she fessed up, everyone was speculating on how her miraculous pout was being achieved, leading to the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge that swept over the Internet.

Some people opted for the lip liner route, a makeup illusion where the lips are drawn on outside the natural lip and then filled in with a matte lipstick. It’s a difficult technique, and unfortunately is less than appealing in the natural, filter-free world outside of Instagram. The other speculative option was Fullips.

You may have seen some of the horrific results on social media of fish-like lips that were somewhat less than seductive. As a result, I wouldn’t blame you some trepidation in attempting the challenge yourself. So to save all of you the trouble, I tried out the Fillips Lip Enhancers myself, and am now reporting dutifully to all of you.

The lip enhancers come in three sizes: large round, medium oval and small oval. For the most part I stuck with the large round option, because I figure if I’m already suctioning my way to bigger lips, I might as well get the biggest, plumpest results I can .

Using the Fullips is pretty foolproof. You wet the skin around your lips to improve the suction, place the hollow end around your lips, suck in and voila! Your lips are officially being plumped. The directions advise leaving the Fullips on for five- to thirty-second increments, and I can’t stress this enough. I left it on for five minutes when I was first trying it out, and was left with a big red circle around my mouth, although I did avoid the bruising which can also occur when the suction is left on for two long.

When it’s time to remove the product, just stick a finger between your skin and the Fullips and gently break the suction. You can keep repeating the suction and removal process at the suggested time interval until you’ve attained the plumpness you’re after.

So now the moment you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath: did I see results? Yes. Admittedly my lips were fuller and a bit larger, although nothing overly dramatic. My lips would definitely still pass for natural, which is probably a good thing, and granted, the results improve and last longer with continued use. The website recommends giving it at least a month before the best results can be seen. However, even the experienced user can expect the results to only last between one and four hours. Mine typically last about an hour and a half.

So is this product worth it? I would have to say yes and no. It’s definitely a more high-maintenance step to add into your beauty routine, and the short life on your lip plumpness would require careful monitoring and potential reapplication throughout the day. Plus, the lip enhancers are slightly less discreet than reapplying lipstick. On the other hand, however, this is a great option for a special occasion or for women who are self-conscious about their thin lips.

Would I recommend Fullips lip enhancers to a friend? Yes!