Fish Pose: Get Your Asana to Utah with Spirit Quest Rafting

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David Michael Scott is the outdoor type. “I started kayaking with my dad when I was seven years old,” remembers the Kindness Yoga teacher and wilderness guide. “I had a lot of social issues as a child and I wasn’t much for team sports. My father recognized that the wilderness would have a calming effect on my hyperactive personality, and that I needed a solo sport we could do together. I kayaked in my first race when I was nine. The life vest I wore was so big on me that when I turned to look from side to side, I would have to look through the arm holes.”

June 22-26 in Southern Utah
June 22-26 in Southern Utah

Water became Scott’s friend. “In the years following, my father taught me to kayak whitewater and this became our time together on the weekends. I found a deep connection with the river. At times, it seemed to speak to me. By the age of 16, I had surpassed my father in skill. When I turned 18, I began teaching other people how to kayak. I have since taught kayaking in California, Idaho, Colorado, and Thailand.”

Spirit Quest Rafting, a wilderness excursion that fuses yoga, meditation and the therapeutic power of nature, is Scott’s brainchild. “Southern Utah is a place of rugged splendor,” tells Scott. “It is a place where moderation is a gift to be celebrated. The sun beats down in the summer and a cloudy day or light rainfall is a joyous reprieve. There are wide open spaces with views that take your breath away. There is a silence that calms even the most tormented soul. It is a place of peace.”

Yoga merely enhances an already inspiring experience. Scott isn’t the only teacher on board either. “[Kindness Yoga owner] Patrick Harrington joined Spirit Quest in 2014 and was overjoyed by the experience of connection and serenity that permeates the canyon and this adventure. He sees the purpose behind the mission and wants to support it. On the upcoming Spirit Quest, he will add his wisdom to the trip through meditation, dharma talks and his style of yoga. It will be a powerful experience for everyone involved.”

Spirit Quest Rafting happens June 22 through June 26 in Southern Utah. For further information or to register, Find Kindness Yoga schedules at

June 22-26 in Southern Utah

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