This Thursday, The Colorado Symphony will be performing alongside three local Denver musicians (Ian Cooke, Land Lines and Megan Burtt), as part of their inventive series, “Turn Over The Keys.” The series will take place in the heart of Denver’s creative side at Boettcher Concert Hall within the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

Since 2012, “Turn Over The Keys” has seen The Colorado Symphony team up with national acts DeVotchKa, The Lumineers, The Flobots and many more. Now, with a chance to help ignite the future musical careers of some of Denver’s hottest up-and-coming musicians, The Colorado Symphony takes on one of it most ambitious projects to date.

Megan Burtt, one of the three local musicians chosen to participate, brings soulful melodies and pop appeal to a performance that thrives on musical synergy and adaptive artistry. Burtt, a Colorado native, has traveled far and wide, (from the Mississippi to Vietnam) to share her talent and passion for all things music. She graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she honed her raw talents and musical prowess, before venturing into musical and cultural unknowns. But, it’s not always been the easiest road to travel, as an unexpected  illness hindered her musical pursuit. Now, with a revitalized determination and a reinvigorated look at life itself, Burtt has the ultimate shot at redemption.

With her new album, The Bargain, completed and due out on August 25th, Burtt is finally ready to take hold of the proverbial bull by the horns. The Bargain will feature 13 original tracks that show Burtt at her most emotional — a sound fondly reminiscent of Sarach McLachlan and Natalie Merchant.

Burtt will be performing arrangements of several unreleased tracks from The Bargain at the “Turn Over The Keys” event, with the help of The Colorado Symphony’s own collaborator, Jay Clifford.

For Megan Burtt, the “Turn Over The Keys” performance is the perfect kickstart to a promising summer of sound, leading up to the release of The Bargain.

Tickets for Thursday night’s performance are still available, but make sure to purchase them while you still can, as the show will likely sell out.

Tickets: $25

Showtime: 7:30pm


Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.

Photos and video courtesy of Megan Burtt.