Purity Ring: Bring “Another Eternity” To The Gothic Theatre

Purity Ring

Purity Ring’s debut full-length album, Shrines, set a precedent for electronic music back in 2012, as singles “Fineshrine,” “Ungirthed” and “Belispeak” paved the way for the Canadian duo’s rise to the top of the electronic charts. Producer Corin Riddick and producer/vocalist Megan James who make up both parts of Purity Ring developed and honed the electro-pop sound that vaulted them to the forefront of electronic music for their sophomore release.

Purity Ring return to Denver with the same electro-swagger in hand, but an entirely new record in their arsenal — their follow-up, Another Eternity. Fronted by “Begin Again” and “Push Pull,” Another Eternity re-defines how 2015 does pop … And how the influence of the recent electronic boom is starting to take shape in large commercial efforts.

Check out Purity Ring's official music video for "Begin Again"

Another Eternity charted at number 26 on the US Billboard 200 and number one on the US Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart. If this isn’t proof that Purity Ring are off to the hottest start of the year, then I’m not sure what is.

Purity Ring will be headlining in support of Another Eternity, while opening support for the show will come from Braids and Born Gold. Get here early for this one!

Tickets: $25

Doors: 7:00pm


Photo and video courtesy of Purity Ring, Renata Raksha, 4AD and The Windish Agency.

Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.

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